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Picture of Sarah Nicotra

Spiritual health is a portal.

Unfortunately, when it comes to spiritual health, we live in a Spiritually-Deficient Society. Toxic and late-stage capitalism values hard numbers and a “see it to believe it” attitude. These values have encouraged us to seek knowledge (and even permission) from an external power and authority rather than cultivating and sourcing our own inner knowing and inner authority. 

This spiritual disconnection has resulted in generations of compounded spiritual distress, chronic illness, depression and intuitive disorientation. We’re now facing the very real consequences of depending on millions of adults who lack the fundamental spiritual, emotional and relational skills to take care of themselves, to take care of others and to take care of our ailing planet.

When you work with me you’ll learn to invoke the invisible: the holographic, spiral, matriarchal nourishment that our bodies and our souls remember and crave. Together we’ll develop a daily micro practice to self-regulate your energetic and spiritual health. Like a vitamin. For your soul.

Because spiritual health is a portal.
A portal to physical and mental well-being.
A portal to social and planetary health.
A portal to hope and to the route forward.

When you learn the foundations of spiritual nourishment, you strengthen the foundations of humanity. Ready to begin?

Picture of Sarah Nicotra

Hi there. I’m Sarah H Nicotra. I’m a professional coach (ICF and HeartMath certified), modern day völva/seeress and an experienced spiritual care provider (including as a Hospice Chaplain).

You can think of me as your Spiritual Nutritionist. 

Here’s what I want you to know: we’re living in a time of unprecedented collapse, disintegration, and turmoil. We’ve been orphaned from our relationship with our bodies as a complex energy system and as a portal to other realms. This isolation has had devastating consequences on our health and has calloused our relationship with nature and the spirit world. 

I help spiritual and sensitive folks manage their energy, recenter themselves in the face of chronic conditions and become more rooted, resilient and magical (without bullshit complicated systems) . . . all in the name of living and dying well.

I am not a healer. My work is not a mental or health care substitute . . . but it is a supplement. 

Learn how to nourish your whole self with simple daily practices (like a vitamin)— start here: