coaching & spiritual care for sensitive people

nourish your sensitivity and spiritual self

deeply. wholly.

and without apology

Sensitive people require discerning care.
I’d even go as far to say that sensitive people need the leadership and guidance of, as well as direct nourishment from fellow sensitive professionals with expertise in the skill sets you are looking to bridge the gap.


  • How satisfying it is to connect with a coach equipped with a personal + professional understanding of what it means to be a HSP

  • Understanding how sensitivity impacts your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being + how to work with your subtle body

  • Learning how to inhabit your body and life in a way that feels safe, expansive, and magical

And doing these things while being oriented to reality and firmly rooted in a nourishing spiritual connection.

Orienting to reality ensures you aren’t engaging in spiritual bypassing, lulling yourself back to sleep but instead actively participating in the evolution of you (and consequently the collective consciousness as well). Reality is a portal to transformation as it provides the raw material for you to create from. After all, you are a powerful creator — I can help you fine tune this ability.

Sarah H Nicotra, MTP, MAOM Professional ICF + HeartMath Certified Coach

Sarah H Nicotra, MTP, MAOM
Professional ICF + HeartMath Certified Coach

Hiya! I’m Sarah. I’m a professional coach (ICF and HeartMath certified), modern day völva/seeress and an experienced spiritual care provider (including experience as a Hospice Chaplain).

You can think of me as your Spiritual Nutritionist. 

Since 2011 I’ve specialized in helping Sensitive Folk heal and nourish their whole selves in a Spiritually-Deficient Society without becoming dependent on gurus, outside authorities or spiritual bypassing. Instead, I show you how to nurture your sensitivity and intuition so that you have the skills and the tools to discern what’s not yours to take on and to effectively process what is.

I do this by teaching you simple micro-practices you can take with you anywhere. I also take the time to show you how and why we’ve been orphaned from our relationship and understanding of our bodies as complex energy systems-- that way you don’t blame yourself for something that is a systemic symptom of collapse.

Former clients have called me "a wizard", "a true renaissance woman who bridges many worlds into one"
and "the best solution seeker on the planet.”

I strongly believe that we're living in times of unprecedented spiritual distress.

And while it’s not your fault it is your responsibility to address. But fret not this is something you have to do alone!

Invisible symptoms of spiritual distress include a deep internal dissatisfaction, a lack of hope, feeling lost unable and/or without purpose or direction, and the inability to tap into a direct, life-sustaining spiritual connection. I call this “intuitive disorientation” and it’s wreaks havoc on our lives. Repairing and rebuilding spiritual literacy, including your intuitive intelligence will fundamentally add value to your life.

Spiritual distress often accompanies external, or more visible conditions like chronic health issues, particularly those that are terminal, progressive, or chronic and unsuccessfully treated. Learning to nourish yourself wherever your body takes you will fundamentally add value to your life. I believe we can learn to live well within difficult, challenging, and even painful life circumstances. I’ll teach you how to do just that.

Because the goal is not the absence of pain but to learn to be whole and alive in the midst of it. To be fully alive. Here, now.

So let’s talk about what’s really possible for you while it appears as though the world is coming to an end…

I’ve noticed a trend among sensitive people. We instantly and expertly ‘rise to the occasion’ for crises and life-defining moments but the day-to-day grind really wears us down. Wonder why that is? My educated guess is based on yet another observation and that is that highly sensitive people have a different hierarchy of needs. Ane Axford’s inverted hierarchy of needs for the highly sensitive person echos this sentiment and it provides an excellent visual aid illustrating how our physical/physiological needs come last (not first).

Que me and our work together!

With just a few months of dedicated support you can be more:

  • Rooted — anchored firmly in spiritual and energetic practices to soothe your sensitive self

  • Resilient — capable of responding and processing to stressors and accessing your intuitive intelligence

  • Magical — directly communicating with the sacredness of nature, self, and others

While I can’t promise a cure for what hurts you, I can teach you how to delicately walk the tight rope of self-responsibility and deep inter-connectedness with all things to greatly enrich the quality of your life.

Step through the portal of spiritual health to deeply nourish your sensitive self and integrate the spectrum of life experiences in a way that serves your personal and spiritual evolution.

Several times over the past year, I have come to Sarah with massive life changes or struggles (moving to a new city, beginning a new career, and frustrations with chronic health conditions) that felt too overwhelming to balance. Each time, I left the conversation feeling relieved and focused on my next step. She helped me decipher my values and needs so that I can focus next on crafting my life to fall in line with them. Working with Sarah feels like a blend of coaching and wise counsel that has truly enriched my life, and I continue to refer back to the invaluable feedback she has provided to this day.
— D. L.
Sarah’s ability to instantly give advice and guidance that is meaningful and persuasive gives clarity of vision. Sarah is smart, sensible, kind, and deeply insightful. I’ve made life changing decisions are a result of our work together.
— Deb. D
On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow.
— A.C.


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coaching & spiritual care for sensitive people


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Each client engagement is unique and personalized, including financial arrangements. For transparency, most clients opt for a 3-6 coaching partnership and I’m also happy to extend a reduced fee (20-30% price reduction) when appropriate.

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Sarah H Nicotra

My Values and Practices

I am dedicated to Invoking the Invisible. In large and small ways. In supernatural and muggle ways. In this section I name my lineage, outline my values and practices and make the invisible support and beliefs behind my work, visible.


First, allow me to invoke my lineage and my ancestors: . . .

My professional practice as an intuitive reflects a strong Asgardian/Norse influence sprinkled with both Celtic and Christian Mysticism, a true blend of my colonial and indigenous Northwestern European ancestral lineage.

MATERNAL I'm a 13th generation immigrant and direct descendent of Elder William Brewster, the English spiritual advisor/ruling patriarch pilgrim who voyaged to America on the Mayflower in 1620

PATERNAL I'm a 12th generation immigrant and direct descendent of Olaf + Eliza Thorrson who voyaged on the Kalmar Nyckel from Sweden, landing in what is now Deleware in 1641.

STARSEEDS Never did I think ancestral work would lead me to ET’s and other galaxies but it has. I have two known cosmic origins. Knowing this has greatly served the process of understanding who I am, why I’m so sensitive and how to care for myself in a toxic world.

On Cultural Appropriation . . .

I do not position myself as a teacher of the Norse or Celtic paths. And I do pledge to continually ensure my teaching reflects proper attribution of all teachers, healing techniques, rituals, perspectives, and the like. I've dedicated a significant portion of my personal resources towards studying different perspectives like Quechuan spirituality, Native American perspectives, Taoism, and beyond. While I hold a deep reverence for these perspectives and acknowledge the role they have played in shaping my world view, I do not profit from teaching their ways.

Identity Statement . . .

I'm a highly sensitive, white, cisgendered bisexual in a long-term committed monogamous heterosexual relationship. On the spectrum of sensitivity, I’m on the high-high end. My life in punctuated by the fact that I live with a combination of complex autoimmune/neurological health dysfunction therefore my able-bodiedness fluctuates. I go by the pronouns she/her.

Political Statement . . .

My liberal leaning tendencies are easy to spot however given the degree of polarization America is experiencing, a few points of clarification are necessary. I value all political perspectives and believe we have more in common then we don't. And while I'm actively participating in dismantling late-stage toxic capitalism, I am not a socialist. I envision of future of opportunity, free speech, conscious collaboration, healing, repair, and care for our fellow humans. I'm an independent voter not beholden to any political party, candidate, or particular movement and I value being in relationship with people of different political views.

Inclusivity Statement . . .

I actively seek to not exclude or discriminate against any group of persons based on race, class, disability, sexuality, religion or lack of religion. All services and teachings are being reviewed and revamped to a greater standard of care.

Anti-Racism Statement . . .

First and foremost, I pledge to have a positive impact on humanity and do less harm, specifically to BIPOC. I am committed to consistent action (specifically local efforts) that condemns racism, educates folks on whiteness and white supremacy, and uplifts and amplifies the voices and works of BIWOC. I anticipate making mistakes. When I do I will do my best to make it right and I will remain on this path.

Personal Belief Statement . . .

I most closely identify with pantheistic/animistic paganism. Essentially, as a pagan, my personal spiritual practice is nature/earth-centric and heavily influenced by visions, dream time teachers, and my pre-Christian Norse orientation. I was raised in a Presbyterian Church, baptized as a child and confirmed as a pre-teen. In my heart I never connected to the concept of Christianity but rather adopted a curious world view point where I studied many religions and spiritual paths believing there is no one "right" way to reach God/the divine. While I am not a Christian, per say, I do have a strong connection to Pegasus, the ancient symbol for Christ consciousness. Also, I have logged over 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain which requires a familiarity, understanding, and demonstration of competence across all faiths.

Complete List of Credentials, Certifications and Experience: . . .

  • Certified HeartMath ® Coach/Mentor (2019)
  • ICF Certified (2019)
  • College of The Melissae (2019)
  • Registered Naturopathic Counselor IANHP (2018)
  • Advanced Medical Intuition w/ Tina Zion (2017)
  • 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain (2015-2017)
  • Certified Medical Reiki Master ™ (2016)
  • Certified Grief Counselor (American Academy of Grief Counseling) Exp. 2019
  • Viking Woman Workshop w Randi Buckley (2015)
  • Astrological Apprenticeship to the Sacred Wild Powers of Nature with Kathleen Prophet (2015)
  • Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) 2013
  • Contemporary Shamanic Apprenticeship with Robin Rice (2013-2014 and 2014-2015)
  • Masters in Organizational Management (2011) and Bachelors in Psychology (2007)
  • 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (2012)


  • My professional practice shall never go beyond the scope of which I am specifically trained and certified
  • My professional practice does not diagnosis, treat, or cure and medical disease or conditions
  • My professional allied health and wellness practice is not licensed and therefore does not provide mental health or medical services
  • All support services are provided in an educational/entertainment format
  • Your information is held in strict confidence with two caveats: should you inform me of intent to harm yourself or another I will be required to report to local authorities

How is coaching different from therapy/counseling? . . .

Coaching is a distinct departure from counseling and therapy. Coaching is not a substitute for medical and/or mental health care. It is however a powerful supplemental modailty for professional and personal developmental work. Coaching capitalizes on the strengths, resourcefulness, and awareness of relatively healthy individuals. Clients set the agenda for all coaching engagements while coach provides skillful facilitation and accountability.

Coaching is a powerful tool for transforming your reality. This work moves beyond theory and thinking to create tangible results.

I believe your life and your workplace are the fertile ground for awakening, growth, deeper integration and for creating what’s next for you — no pilgrimage needed. I also believe you are best equipped to guide and make decisions relating to you.

Coaching bridges the gaps in your awareness and skill sets.