the coaching den w/ Sarah Nicotra

Where do you sort out your BIG questions?
How do you confidently make well-informed decisions?
Who can you share your complicated, true self with?

What’s next for you?

All of these things and more are why The Coaching Den was created. It’s YOUR space for exploration, experimentation, and expansion as directed by your unique constitution, goals and objectives.

Coaching is a powerful tool for transforming your reality. This work moves beyond theory and thinking to create tangible results.

I believe your life and your workplace are the fertile ground for awakening, personal growth, deeper integration and for creating what’s next for you — no pilgrimage needed. I also believe you are best equipped to guide and make decisions relating to you.

Coaching bridges the gaps in your awareness and skill sets.


Coaching With Me

My philosophy and approach to coaching:

Of primary importance to me as a coach is the quality of your being, followed by active learning, growth, and accomplishment. No matter the challenge you face, this is the order of operations. One does not graduate from the ongoing process of integration and continual development, although it may look wildly different in various stages of one’s life.

Also? I care about your long-term success and self-sustainability far beyond the days of your coaching engagement. Which is why I rely on transpersonal frameworks to deliver results.

I’m the secret weapon you are looking for.

Particularly if you’re self-directed, accomplished, values-driven and you feel a deeper calling for something more. Folks frequently turn to YOU for advice and help but now it’s your turn. As your coach, my focus is 1000% on you, your vision and providing meaningful support.

Professional highlights include logging 1000+ hours of clinical spiritual care as a Hospice Chaplain, mentoring troubled youth, working alongside federal administrative law judges in the SSA, serving as a business manager for a transformational leadership LLC, and providing coaching and consulting to folks in transition. I’m highly qualified to traverse both the business world and the psyche, building upon two masters degree’s (Transpersonal Psychology and Organization Management) and a pending ICF credentialing.

The foundation of our holistic coaching partnership is:

  • Trust
    Effortlessly melt barriers in the presence of a secure, client-directed container for inquiry and direct, honest communication

  • Freedom of Expression
    Permission to express your whole self (strengths, secrets, and weaknesses) + CLAIM your desires, goals, and objectives

  • Inherent Value
    The coaching process itself yields gems regardless of outcomes, and yet outcomes matter, too

  • Future-Oriented
    Your dreams matter— I’ll both hold your vision and help you determine the details to get-it-done

  • Results
    As a client you can expect to walk away with valuable insight, clarity, and knowing your next “right steps”

Sarah’s ability to instantly give advice and guidance that is meaningful and persuasive gives clarity of vision. Sarah is smart, sensible, kind, and deeply insightful.

I’ve made life changing decisions are a result of our work together.
— Deb. D
On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow.
— A.C.


talk money, honey

Each client engagement is unique and personalized, including financial arrangements.

Option #1 Self-Pay

  • An affordable rate is offered to folks paying out-of-pocket. I typically offer services on a monthly retainer with no continually contractual agreement. The cost is determined by your needs, goals, and time parameters.

  • Individuals sessions are offered however each coaching hour cost $250.

Option #2 Company-Sponsored

Organizations benefit from your development and are often willing to pick up the tab when you have clearly defined goals and objectives with a direct line impact to their business. We can craft those parameters together. Best to reach out to me directly to explore this option.

Several times over the past year, I have come to Sarah with massive life changes or struggles (moving to a new city, beginning a new career, and frustrations with chronic health conditions) that felt too overwhelming to balance. Each time, I left the conversation feeling relieved and focused on my next step. She helped me decipher my values and needs so that I can focus next on crafting my life to fall in line with them. Working with Sarah feels like a blend of coaching and wise counsel that has truly enriched my life, and I continue to refer back to the invaluable feedback she has provided to this day.
— D. L.


to move forward

Currently the only way to coach with me is by invitation (or referral).
Interested? Sign up here and I’ll ping you for the next POP-UP coaching opp.



How is coaching different from therapy/counseling? . . .

Coaching is a distinct departure from counseling and therapy. Coaching is not a substitute for medical and/or mental health care. It is however a powerful supplemental modailty for professional and personal developmental work. Coaching capitalizes on the strengths, resourcefulness, and awareness of relatively healthy individuals. Clients set the agenda for all coaching engagements while coach provides skillful facilitation and accountability.

More on 360s + follow up coaching . . .

360's are an excellent precursor to a coaching engagement. This process is a reliable tool for gathering perspective, identifying areas of improvement, and developing a plan of action. Often coaching is coupled with this service to ensure desired results are achieved. 360s are billed separately and includes interviews, written report and suggested plan of action for areas of improvement.