Every highly sensitive person and empath needs a repertoire of healthy energy habits.

At its core grounding is a practice of harmonizing energy that we never outgrow as the path of awakening and integration unfolds. That means the timid, novice seeker and the advanced wizard all benefit from grounding, regularly.

Before I dive into various ways you can ground yourself, let’s vet exactly what grounding is and why it’s an essential practice.

About Grounding

Grounding is a simple practice of intentionally connecting with and moving energy from the earth, into your body, and then recycling it back out into the earth. It’s a priceless energy management tool that delivers reliable results, and it costs zero dollars.

It has been proven to positively impact our health and wellness in the following ways:

  • Stress Reduction
    The quickest, fastest way to calm down and soother your nervous system is to ground

  • Improved Sleep, Pain + Inflammation Markers
    Multiple studies have found grounding produces measurable differences in sleep, pain reduction and important inflammatory markers (concentrations of white blood cells and cytokines)

  • Spiritual Centering
    Highly sensitive, intuitive folks because have a tendency to be out of body, grounding remedies this by anchoring the spirit, in the body and helping you be in the moment

  • Improved Energy Flow
    Stagnant energy creates restlessness— grounding is a safe, effective way to increase one’s energy reserves


Grounding is essential to creating and maintaining a vibrant, healthy internal infrastructure.


the science behind grounding

“Every cell in our body is immersed in an environment of both external and internal fluctuating magnetic fields that can affect virtually every cell and circuit in biological systems to a certain degree, depending on the specific biological system and the nature of the magnetic fields. Numerous studies have shown that various physiological rhythms and global collective behaviors can be synchronized with the solar and geomagnetic activity; and that disruptions in these fields may have adverse effects on human health and behavior”
HeartMath Institute: Human Heart Rhythm Sensitivity to Earth Local Magnetic Field Fluctuations


Evidence-based research tells us:

Therefore, Grounding is a healthy energy habit by which you harmonize your brain and body with the Earth’s healing frequencies.


how to

ground your energy

First, master grounding your energy in the standing position.
Then move onto the sitting and lying down methods. Unless you are functionally limited and in that case make adjustments as needed.

To ground in the standing position, simply:

  • Stand tall but comfortably

    • Ideally you do this barefoot with direct contact with the Earth but it is not necessary

  • Close your eyes and take several deep, centering breaths

  • If its helpful imagine you’re a strong, mature, well-rooted tree

    • Pick a tree species you have affinity for like redwood, willow, or oak

    • Visualize yourself as a healthy tree, a wise sentient being alongside a vibrant network of other trees

  • With focused attention, move your awareness to locate the soft bottoms of your feet

  • Imagine creating openings on the bottom of both feet

  • Next visualize roots leaving your feet, penetrating the ground beneath you

  • Enhance the process by visualizing these roots penetrate the Earths layers until you reach the Earth’s pulsing, vibrant core

  • When you’re ready, transition to absorbing the Earth’s pure energy through the bottom of your feet

  • Begin to intentionally direct the pathway in which the energy travels throughout your body

    • Go at a pace that feels comfortable

    • You may or may not feel sensations during grounding, as sensation does not indicate effectiveness

    • Depending on your level of experience with grounding the energy may move slowly at first— with time and practice you’ll likely be able to quickly generate a swift current of Earth’s energy sweeping through your body

  • Move energy from your feet, up through your legs— ensuring passage through your knees and up to the hips

  • Next fill your core, sending energy down your arms, cycling back up through your neck, filling your entire head

  • Now send the Earth’s vibrant energy shooting out of the top of your head, creating a 3D shower around your entire body

  • Allow the Earth’s energy to “rain” over you and be recycled back into the Earth, creating a flow, as pictured here

  • Stay with this visualization practice until you feel noticeably calmer

now that you’re grounded

Let’s enhance your grounding practice with heart-centered breathing

  • Place your hands on your heart

  • Direct your attention and awareness to the swelling and collapse of your lungs with each deep, centering breath

  • Inhale for 3-5 seconds

  • Exhale for twice the length of your inhale (6-10 seconds)

  • Repeat until you can strongly sense your heart space

  • Use your imagination to expand the energy field of your heart

  • Program your heart to create a field of purity and neutrality

  • Continue taking deep, centering breaths until you feel complete


You’ve now completed a grounding meditation, supercharged with heart-centered breathing.

After grounding, you’ll likely feel more:

center 3.png
  • peaceful and present

  • aware of your body and surroundings

  • confident, calm and clear

  • physically steady/sturdy

Be sure to keep this healthy energy habit in your back pocket!

And to put it to use next time you find yourself:

  • flustered and frustrated

  • scattered and overwhelmed

  • anxious and uneasy

  • clumsy and uncoordinated

Want to take your grounding practice deeper?

I’ll be teaching you super practical ways to enhance your grounding efforts in everyday life +
other essential energy habits every highly sensitive empath needs to know.