3rd eye quest




Forget slaying the dragon. You’ve been there, done that. No, now it’s death by 10,000 paper cuts which threatens you.
Emptiness. Monotony. Responsibility. Boredom. Disconnection. Pick your poison.

You resent the rigidity of old systems and structures which no longer serve.

What was once helpful is now far off in the horizon, a distant memory. 

  • You can sense the void but what replaces it? 
  • Who has given you permission to dream a new dream?
  • Where are the teachers and true light-bearers who haven’t fallen prey to spiritual bypassing?
  • What tools and methods are effective and applicable, right now?

No more autopilot. You want more. You want a steel-proof way of accessing the truth and relying on your intuition. 

You demand magic, more magic.

You crave expansion, but a trek to the jungle is out of the question. You’re adventurous but psychotropics (LSD, Ayahuasca) are not appealing. Perhaps one day you'll venture down that path, but for now, you want to opt into a mind-bending adventure smack dab in the middle of your own life. No more toggle on/off. 

Real life is magical AF. YOU are magical AF. 

You’re ready to emerge as the most magical being on the block who doesn’t lose touch with her human sensibilities.

The 3rd eye quest offers you an independent learning experience alongside private, powerful, results-oriented quantum coaching to help you create:

  • radical shifts in your psyche
  • more sacred knowing
  • more power
  • more magic

Utilizing emerging concepts in the field of healing, quantum mechanics, and body-based intelligence you’ll learn simple, effective, tools and practices that create radical shifts.

With the help of Sarah, I went from being a broken shell of myself to a completely different person in just two short months. Sarah guided me back to a place I’d long since forgotten, and honestly had no hopes of ever returning to. I am confident, empowered, and no longer afraid of the unavoidable circumstances that life likes to throw our way.

Without her, I would still be clouded from the warmth and love of myself and the universe. I honestly feel as though I have reconnected with my authentic self, someone who I desperately missed. I have more love and compassion for myself than I can ever remember having, and that love and compassion consequently outward onto everyone else.

I am not afraid anymore. I finally feel okay, as if I can handle anything that comes my way.  I am taking such better care of myself and it’s crazy the love and support that has flooded in from other people I never even knew were there.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow.
— Amy C.
Sarah is a true Renaissance Woman bridging many worlds into one.
— Barbara C.
Sarah has a real gift for keeping the humanity alive in her online courses. I’ve been through many online mentoring programs and they offer great content but there’s something missing: a little bit like eating a steak that’s been freeze-dried.  

This is not the case with Sarah. What she offers, and what people need, is a deeply personal way of providing an online course.
— Robin F.
Halfway through my pregnancy a routine ultrasound showed concern for how my baby’s heart was developing. Sarah helped me navigate that emotionally turbulent time. She provided a medical reiki treatment and energy healing intended to unfold for the remainder of my pregnancy. After our working with Sarah my anxiety lessened tremendously. Best of all, my baby boy was born with a perfectly healthy heart. I could not be more happy for Sarah’s support and energy healing, not only for myself but baby boy as well.
— Dinah W.


3rd Eye Quest

Shapeshift & Morph Your Psyche
More Sacred Knowing. More Power. More Magic.


The 3rd Eye Quest is a 90-day hybrid program


Part 1: Online Learning Lab


7 lessons designed to transform your understanding of body-based intelligence, intuition, and sacred knowing and definitively impact your personal power

Topics Covered Include:

  • Quantum concepts and healing techniques for self-healing (+ scientific evidence)

  • Forget chakras, meet the 3 primary energy circuits 

  • How to access The Portal of Truth anytime, anywhere

  • Ways to dip into meditative states in non-traditional ways— no lotus position required

  • Multidimensional tools for creating a new earth + unplugging yourself from the patriarchy

  • Wellness protocols + hacks you can do

  • and more

Lifetime access to all course materials (high-quality video, audio, PDF materials)

This is your playground for learning and experimenting with new tools, concepts, and practices. With no set schedule or structure you're free to go at your own pace. Plus it's available immediately upon registration. 


Part 2: Quantum Coaching


7.5 hours of private coaching: advanced guidance and healing support

Coaching Includes:

  • Unlimited access to my 3rd eye via VOXER (office hours apply)

  • Custom Inspired Action plan designed to meet your needs/goals

  • Built-in accountability to keep you on track

  • Luminous body activation + attunement, if you have not already received one (for ex: a Reiki attunement)

  • Additional healings are provided as appropriate, at no additional cost


BONUS! Custom gift box: inside you'll find a handpicked selection of items that will both serve and delight you


Is the 3rd eye quest right for you?

This program is for smart, sensitive, soulful women looking to make a quantum leap.


  • most likely identify with being “spiritual not religious”
  • remain uncommitted to any particular spiritual path or modality
  • are unsure how to make sensitivity and intuition work for you, not against you
  • value investing in yourself and your wellbeing
  • excel in an independent learning environment
  • consider yourself an avid seeker of truth and continual expansion
  • are primarily looking to integrate and build upon a solid base of knowledge in healing

How it works


Pay $1750 (non-refundable) for access to the core curriculum and first 45 days of coaching and receive:

  • (1) 90-minute initial assessment/alignment session
  • Custom Inspired Action Plan detailing priorities, specific suggestions, and tracking tool to monitor your progress 
  • (4-5) 45-minute quantum coaching sessions
  • Gift box at your doorstep within the first 30 days
  • Unlimited access to my 3rd eye + in-between session support available via VOXER (office hours apply)

* Please note your initial registration payment is non-refundable.


At the mid-way point we align on your progress + re-up your commitment for the second leg of the 3rd Eye Quest, payment of $1450 due to receive:

  • Remaining (3-4) 45-minute quantum coaching sessions
  • Continued unlimited access to my 3rd eye + in-between session support available via VOXER

    * While I strongly recommended you participate in the full 90-day experience, you are under no obligation to continue after the first 45 days. I provide this option to minimize your risk as a buyer. 



    If after 45 days you aren't grooving into a new galaxy you can walk away with no obligation to continue and pay for the second portion of the 3rd Eye Quest.

    While I can't guarantee specific results, I can promise that you'll receive the lessons and support you need to effectively and effortlessly shapeshift and morph your psyche. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you whole-heartedly participate in this learning program and take advantage of the incredible amount of private support available to you, you'll create more sacred knowing, more power, and more magic in your life.


    3rd Eye Quest Recap

    • This program is payable in 2 chunks
    • You may opt to conclude your Quest after 45 days (with zero obligation to continue on for the full 90 days)
    • The value of this program is $6,200 and includes:

      (1) 90 minute initial assessment/alignment session + inspired action plan ($500 value)
      (8) 45 minute quantum coaching sessions ($250 per session = $2,000 value)
      Digital Independent Learning Adventure (7 core lessons = $650 value)
      In-Between-Session-Support/On-Demand Oracle At Your Service (via Voxer) ($1,000 x 3mo = $3,000 value)
      Custom Gift Box (valued at $100)

    Actual cost $3,200



    I bow deeply to her creative genius and will look no further than her virtual doorstep when it is time for me to be nourished toward my next stage of growth.
    — Karen G.
    Sarah’s ability to instantly give advice and guidance that is meaningful and persuasive gives clarity of vision. Sarah is smart, sensible, kind, and deeply insightful. I’ve made life-changing decisions are a result of our work together.
    — Deb D.
    Sarah is a God send. She swept in with grace and powerful insight, instantly opening new doors for me.
    — Lora V.
    Working with Sarah was a beautiful experience. I felt safe, held and seen with her.
    — Megan P.



    Why 90 Days? . . .

    Science and transformational experts agree that 90 days is an excellent benchmark for sustainable change. It takes 21 days to create new habits. Therefore 90 days allows you to solidify new neural pathways in your brain.

    What is VOXER? . . .

    It's a free walkie talkie, push-to-talk app for your smart phone that you'll LOVE! Set-up assistance and training provided.

    Do I really get UNLIMITED access to your 3rd eye? . . .

    Yes, via VOXER. From the moment you register to when you conclude your 3rd Eye Quest you have full access to me in between your coaching sessions. Office hours apply. You can always send a -SOS- message to alert me to critical needs.

    Do you offer a payment plan? . . .

    I understand it can be scary to jump all in. To help ease your fears and minimize your risk, this program is payable in 2 chunks.

    • The first registration payment of $1750 gives you access to the online learning lab, custom gift box, the first 45 days of coaching, and unlimited access to my 3rd eye. This payment is non-refundable.

    • If after 45 days you want to continue for the full 90-day experience you will receive an invoice for $1450 and receive the remaining 45 days of coaching and unlimited access to my 3rd eye. While this payment is optional, it is also non-refundable.

    What is your refund policy? . . .

    I do not offer refunds. If you have purchasing questions, please email me (hello@sarahhnicotra.com) or call/text me @ (616) 953-0498. I am more than happy to flesh out any concerns you have before you buy.

    Can I just buy access to the online learning program? . . .


    Is this a group offering? . . .

    No. It's a deeply personal journey with ZERO group interaction. No facebook group either.


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