trust, a mantra

on the surface
things appear
confusing, even
but there is a complex orchestration that exceeds
even your best comprehension

trust that life has your back
trust in your heart and gut
to lead to down your path
to what you desire

desire is a tricky thing
sometimes stuck
between want, hope and despair
but what you want can lead you

trust in your desires
your dreams
the visions you hold
that no one knows of

trust the sensation on your fingertips
trust in hearts open wide
trust in deep nourishment
when your eyes are closed
as your pillow cradles your head
and dreams run wild
as if your mind were a thing to understand

circle back to trust

trust in love
trust, trust, trust
in grass green
and the unpredictable
the unwelcomed natural cycles of life

trust you are enough
that this
this is enough

trust in the words you want to express
your heart wrapped up in letters
with shifting meaning

trust in the hand you extend
trust in the hand extended to you

trust in complexities
and simplicity

trust in what you do
even when its wrong
because with time
you'll come to see
you can't really be wrong
it's all a matter of perspective

trust in your lens
looking glass clear
rose colored
or muddy

that you'll pull through
and that what awaits you on the other side
is relief
sweet sweet relief

when you trust life something changes
worry and critics become muffled voices
is appreciation and deep gratitude

trust doesn't change much
except how you feel
and feeling is everything

trust me on this