TORUS // a more in-depth examination

This is follow up educational piece for the introductory lesson on the toroidal field. Basically I discovered this concept during a medical intuition workshop led by Tina Zion and instantaneously connected to the toroidal field or the energy matrix of the torus.

I've now abandoned using self-encapsulating energy practices and have embraced the toroidal field. And yes, you guessed it I have made massive updates to my teaching tools specifically for empaths and highly sensitive folks.

A torus is a 3-dimensional geometrical shape not to be confused with the earthy zodiac sign, Taurus. Nope, alternatively, we are talking about a fundament component to quantum physics— a pattern repeated over and over throughout nature. The torus and the toroidal field have given structure, stability, and "dynamic flow" (Source).

In essence, the torus and the toroidal field are mirrored in the basic building blocks of matter (the atom), the earth, you and me, amongst other things. 

To get going, you'll want to imagine or envision your toroidal field a begin to consciously work with source energy. Read this lesson for more and have fun exploring the videos linked below.

Also, consider visiting this page for more on the toroidal space.