To Infinity and Beyond

Embodied movement exercise.

You’ll never find me in a group yoga class because I like privacy when stretching and moving my body. Yet, living in our bodies is perhaps the most singular challenge for empaths and highly sensitive folks. Our minds are oriented towards daydreaming, imagining, and thinking— less on being here, in our own skin.

This is why I designed this simple yet potent embodied movement mini-session. With a focus on three energy centers: your head, heart and hips— it gives you a portal into new territory while experiencing the benefits of movement in this way.

Often movement is awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s the kind of practice and ritual that must be experienced to truly understand the value of it. There is an essence to you that transcends words and thought. Movement and creativity are the way in. While this kind of ritual may be outside your comfort zone, I want you to try. You’d be amazed at the clarity and progress discovered through this practice.

To get started: Find an emotional song like Aloha Ke Akua by Nahko Bear, “Wild Horses” by The Sundays, “Holy” by Chris Pureka, or any other song that speaks to you. It’s most important you feel it! Close your eyes if it helps you be present in your body.

  • Start with your hips, rotating and moving them in a way that feels expansive and good, in circles, back and forth, and in mini-infinity loops. However you want to move, move.

  • Then focus on expanding and moving your heart space in the same manner. Next your head. Be sure to stretch well.

  • Envision creating a loop of energy between these three central aspects of your body. Continue your inspired movement for as long as you like.