the root of all healing

Forget fixing. Forget problem-solving. Forget "changing the script."
Instead, I want you to engage truth and the power of letting someone else know who you are,
what you've experienced, what you're struggling, and where you want to go.

In everyone I meet, I see a shared core need— to be seen, heard, and validated for who they truly are.

This is the power of sacred witnessing, the root of all healing and the primary guiding principle for my healing practice.

My days as a Hospice counselor showed me dying from a broken heart, is a real thing. Also, that being a human being is incredibly difficult, and mostly we all want to skip discomfort and talk about or focus on what's right.

There's no "easy button" available for bypassing life's struggles and setbacks. I mean I suppose there is, but it doesn't get you where you want to be— in a place of sweet relief and resolution.

While I may not know your personal story yet, I believe your suffering is real and is meant to be soothed and engaged— not plowed over with unhelpful spiritual advice. 


Unfortunately, our culture diminishes the value of who you are, imposing the expectation to be happier (thinner, smarter, more together-er). This results in pressure– to feel different than you do, to continually improve yourself or worse in my book— hurry-up-and-heal. This only compounds suffering and spiritual distress. 

No magical power allows you to construct a pain-free life entirely. What's of real benefit to you (instead of buying into a fantasy world) is to cultivate an inner strength and spiritual knowing that no amount of darkness can fracture.

Also central to my healing practice is something called soul companioning. 

What is soul Companioning?

The companioning model, as developed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, is a unique, therapeutic construct that places me (the credentialed, skilled professional) in a unique position to you— one of a sacred witness, curious companion, and thoughtful, nonjudgemental, compassionate listener, and heart-centered guide. 

The Companioning Model is a distinctly different therapeutic relationship where you retain complete autonomy and power. In essence you are respected as the ultimate source of knowing and wisdom.

Chaos, spiritual pain, and distress is honored for what it is and not necessarily fixed, although it generally naturally dissolves within a compassionate, empathetic container. 

Much like a paramedic I run towards a crises, not away from it— my assistance is intentionally designed to be temporary with the ultimate goal building up your independence and inner strength.

soul companioning sessions are particularly helpful for...

  • yielding insight and clarity in times of confusion and feeling stuck

  • creating relief and a path forward through grief

  • reconfiguring your mindset and thinking to meet the demands of your life

  • finding hope and healing (even in times when that feels out of reach)

  • discovering hidden strengths and resources already available to you

  • getting grounded, super clear, and reconnecting to your own source of inner strength

  • tap into the magic and support of the Universe


  • pinpoint the source of distress

  • interrupt the energy of suffering to put you on track to peace, understanding, and acceptance

  • identify hidden resources and spiritual strengths available to you without hard work on your part

  • connect the dots to your primary sources of support and power

  • teach you how to move forward gracefully

Explore the Soul Companion Intuitive Healing Session, here to see if its a good fit for you!