Sitting Grounding Meditation

Hopefully you’ve already discovered the Ultimate grounding guide, over here.

This blog post is dedicated to teaching a sitting grounding practice.


  • Settle into a comfortable sitting position

    • Cross-legged or otherwise works

    • Ideally outside with direct contact with the Earth but its not required

    • Pay special attention to the alignment of your spine

  • Close your eyes and take several deep, centering breaths— really sensing the miracle of your body and the movement of your lungs, in and out

  • Then with focused attention, move your awareness to locate the bottom of your bum, making contact with the ground beneath you

  • Imagine the base of your spine opening at the same time that the Earth begins to send up a vibrant source of energy from her core

  • Notice how effortlessly your body accepts this gift from the Earth

  • Visualize the energy flow through your legs, up to your hips, filling your core

  • Make sure that your arms, neck, and head receive this sweeping current of healing energy

  • Now send the Earth’s vibrant energy shooting out of the top of your head, creating a 3D shower around your entire body

  • Let this energy “rain” over your entire body and be recycled back into the Earth, creating a flow, as pictured here

Once you feel confident that you have a rejuvenating flow of energy, super-charge your energy practice with heart-centered breathing.

  • Place your hands on your heart

  • Direct your attention and awareness to the swelling and collapse of your lungs with each deep, centering breath

  • Inhale for 3-5 seconds

  • Exhale for twice the length of your inhale (6-10 seconds)

  • Repeat until you can strongly sense your heart space

  • Use your imagination to expand the energy field of your heart

  • Program your heart to create a field of purity and neutrality

  • Continue taking deep, centering breaths until you feel complete with the exercise

You know you’ve successfully grounded once you feel noticeably calmer and present.