Run Fierce

don't look back
something fierce
as if your life depends on it

follow the scent trail
and clues
that make your wonder
what the fuck

this direction?
can't be

yes it can be
it shall be
one way or another

follow the wind as she leads you into unfamiliar territory
follow the dense earth under your feet
follow the sun beaming bright above
follow the rhythm of the tides as they ebb n flow

don't look back
something fierce
as if your life depends on it
because, it does

run fast
like a pack of wolves
on the hunt for a kill
devour your prey
digest her fully
and then return to the pack
and share what you've learned

you cannot keep your suffering
and questioning
and crazy making journey
to yourself
it must be shared

your journey is our journey
there is ONLY one to make
it's home
to yourself

there you'll see the circles
that weave into one another
the illusion of being off track
the illusion of suffering and pain
that feels so real

what's real will never be the same
and then
you'll forget
because forgetting is human
and human we are

so run
don't stop
until your feet tell you so

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