Rituals For Living

Rituals are YOUR portal
into magic making.

They are useful for a variety of purposes, mainly:

  • marking an important period in one’s life (i.e. birth, death, menses, marriage, etc.)

  • consecrating dreams/visions/goals

  • drumming up support from the other side

  • for communing with spirits and Source, to…

    • ask for help

    • express gratitude

    • move and mitigate grief

    • send prayers

    • ask questions

    • and seek answers/guidance/knowledge

  • and for creating and maintaining a strong, vibrant, neutral energy field day in and day out

It is not lost on me that in modern times our connection to sustainable and meaningful, culturally and ancestrally appropriate rituals has all but disappeared and been replaced with a trash heap of diluted and disorienting options.

My purpose for this post is three-fold:

  1. Provide examples of powerful pagan rituals rooted in Northern European ancestry to help bridge the divide of knowledge loss through colonization and as a form of cultural reparations.

  2. To share the critical components of any ritual so you can begin to re-make your own life and infuse it with potent ritual magic and even include your family and friends.

  3. To strengthen your everyday rituals to ensure you have healthy energy habits.

side note

It’s important to me as a healer and spiritual advisor that my clients have the knowledge, tools, and processes to participate in magic-making in safe, effective, sustainable ways. My role as a modern-day völva is to help you awaken to, remember, and embody your wayback magic.

It’s helpful and relevant in life, in business, in relationships, in everything.

you are encouraged to adapt any of the following rituals to reflect your ancestral roots and spiritual proclivities— so long as reflection and critical thinking is employed.

essential components to any ritual

  1. Establishing intention
    Never go into a ritual haphazardly— it’s not safe or smart. Plus it won’t yeild the same effect as those who enter into ritual work with a clear purpose and intention.

  2. Heartfelt Presence
    A ritual done with true heart and in-the-moment-presence delivers unparalleled results. The alternative is going through the motions of a prescribed process feeling self-conscious, confused, or disconnected. Feeling weird? Something is off— settle down and adjust to suit your needs!

  3. An Altar

    Your altar is a power grid that anchors your spirit work in the here and now. The building of, and breaking down at the end can ear mark the start and finish of your ritual.

  4. Opening + Invocation
    Magic making only happens in sacred space and with the help of your allies in the spirit realm. To create it you must invoke it. The ways in which you can do so are endless. Here is one of my favorite invocations.

  5. Speak with Purpose
    In the ritual space you’ll want to tell the spirits and Source why you’ve called on them and what you seek. The reasons are endless. Oh and don’t be a taker. Offer something of substance to them, even if it’s just words. Gratitude is a powerful form of energy currency.

  6. Symbolic Action + The Use of Magical Tools
    Ritualwork is the space where mystery and magic, meet. All good, effective measures hinge on the use of appropriate symbolic action, psychic tools, and access to knowledge/timeless truths. Be it candles, crystals, divination tools, and earth elements, you’ll likely employ a mix of things.

  7. Ritual Closure
    To prevent a whole host of issues you’ll want to bring your ritual to a close. In addition to expressly closing it I recommend you practice good energy hygiene by grounding and cleansing.

ritual catalog

  • Burial Ritual
    For a sacred item who has run it’s course.

  • Bird Buffet (coming soon)

    A perfect winter time celebration for my fellow bird lovers. and offering of gratitude

  • Moon Ceremony (coming soon)

    A sweet intimate coming of age gynocentric ritual for girls transitioning into ladyhood.

  • Earth Offering (coming soon)
    Make something beautiful with this fun, interactive game of hunt and gather.

  • Year End/Year Begin (coming soon)

    A perfect ritual for belly button birthdays or ringing in the new year.
    Reflect on lessons, create forward focus, and integrate.

Looking for ideas and inspiration for everyday-rituals for empaths and highly sensitive people?
I’ve got a mega-guide curated for you over here.