Purification Using Smoke

Countless cultures have traditions which enlist the power of smoke from burning sacred herbs to purify and cleanse the physical body, environmental space, the spirit and energy of the mind.

“Smudging” is a well known Native American ritualistic practice that frequently uses sage, tobacco, sweetgrass, and other herbs to calibrate the energy of a person or space.

What makes this ritual particularly powerful is partnering a pure intention along with the right tools.

I recommend you hunt for a burning bowl / cauldron which can house sand, charcoal tabs, and any resins and dried herbs you choose to burn. A few of my favorites include cinnamon (a spice), copal (a resin), palo santo (wood chips), sage (stick), and the dried leaves of rose, mugwort and eucalyptus. Yes you can raid your kitchen!

Trust what calls you and then enjoy the slow burn. Creatively harvesting herbs yourself is also highly encouraged. By all means, raid your kitchen or gather the petals from your favorite wildflowers, dry them and add them to your collection.

I’m a big fan of allowing intuition to guide the selection of herbs and resins. I suggest you create a basket with your burning options and then each day you “randomly” choose what to burn. Take some time to enjoy the aroma and use your hands (or a feather) to wave the smoke over your head and body.

>> For those who are irritated by smoke for health reasons, I suggest you default to the other rituals or hunt for a smokeless, water misting version, which can be found in your local metaphysical shop.