Prayer is merely an ongoing conversation between you and the sacred powers that be. You can write your prayers, draw your prayers, sweat your prayers, verbalize your prayers, or merely speak them inside your mind. It all counts.

What’s of great importance is that you show up to the conversation between you and the Universe each and every day.

Invoke the four directions. Visualize a sacred, protective circle of light enveloping you. Call in your helping spirit guides, guardian spirits, angels and ancestors— all those invested in your highest, greatest good. Express your appreciation and gratitude, acknowledge your needs and desires, ask for the support and assistance that you need, and then remain open. Don’t be afraid to demand help or clarity when you truly need it.

A powerful ask = a powerful response.

Following your communication, keeping an open heart and mind to how Spirit speaks to you is the second half of the equation. Pay attention and remain open to the oh-so-many ways that the Universe sends signs and signals to you. Remember animal messengers, symbolism and metaphors are the primary modes of spirit communication. #SpiritSpeaks to everyone. Don’t let self-doubt or insecurity tell you otherwise.