Parallel Universes

I love going to see a good Marvel movie. (I count Thor, Aquaman, and Dr. Strange among my favorites). They speak so much truth to the secrets of the Universe that I am often floored at what is disclosed.

But then again, they are just stories.

The airwaves now are thick with deception. Propaganda abound, everywhere.
Especially where you are. 

On a fundamental level we are arguing about the meaning of words. It's a crisis of communication, understanding, and togetherness. Quite a predicament, really. But we are in it together. 

The internet is actively shaping culture and society at the speed of light. 

Technology is at least in part, the future. I take full advantage of the miracle of connectedness and the information now accessible as a result of the world wide web (and I hope you do too).

However, it's not all good news— deception and censorship are on the rise, and digital footprints are a thing of concern. Perhaps though of the greatest concern are the products of the hive mind when it's not coupled with a necessary PAUSE and REFLECTION.

A core concept I teach clients and practice myself is this:
as the world spins faster, to intentionally slllooooow down.

Counterintuitive? Perhaps. But I tell you it works!

By design, I'm an observer. I watch a lot of folks and track movements. I read, research, and observe. I notice trends and bring critical thought to every conversation, article, and trend— especially those I might be aligned (or agree) with.

The thing is, once something becomes "trendy" by the very nature of having more folks interested and involved, the field becomes muddied and complicated. This doesn't mean we must exit the conversation entirely but rather we must clarify our roles and create boundaries on what is "ours to own" and what is up to others.

I spent a great deal of time and energy last year in the weeds. Reading and watching a lot of news. Making new friends on Instagram. Soaking up lots of bold opinions and revolutionary ideas. It was awesome and exhausting.

But this year requires a different focus. One of turning inward, creating space, consuming less, and really testing the limits of how much I'm willing to slowing the f*ck down.

I went back and forth processing whether it's in full integrity to take an extended hiatus from Instagram and consuming news because I value SEEING and keeping a pulse on the collective. The conflict is obvious.

But my allegiance is to myself, first. I am one person with 3 children and 3 pets to care for and feed, chronic health conditions to manage, a marriage and home to tend, friends/family to connect with, and a career to keep afloat. I live a life steeped in responsibility and obligation. That's a fact not a complaint.

When I talk to sensitive folks like you, I often hear a similar sentiment. You too care about the state of the world but your child is in crises, and your job is demanding, and your health/body is short-circuiting, and.... and....

I get it. This is why I write and ultimately why I'm transparent and share about my life, my inner workings and how I process things.

If I'm not careful a sense of obligation and duty can rule my life. One might say duty and obligation are virtuous, and they are. But I've noticed that when these things are my driving force, I sideline joy and can only see the pain of humanity. But that's only half the story. It's not healthy, nor is it accurate to only see pain and destruction.

Beauty is the balance.

Which brings me back to the concept of parallel universes.

I keep thinking about how different our lives can be year to year, season to season. Sure some changes are a function of time and natural development. But more often it is because we intentionally set out to create change that we do in fact create a new life. I've seen it happen time and time again.

And I keep thinking about how the color of your skin and access to resources dramatically influences how you experience life. For me this is a perfect illustration of parallel universes. It speaks to the power of the individual, the collective, shaping consciousness, and the wild void.

Instead of relegating parallel universes to some abstract concept science has yet to prove or explain, I find it helpful to think about them in the here and now. And to start spotting them in action. Because reality is so different from person to person, and even within your own timeline.

Which is why I've decided to leave Instagram until summer, with no promise to return.

It's an experiment and a gift to myself, my health and my relationships. I know for sure it reduces psychic noise and interference in my sphere. A calmer nervous system, less noise and more space support clear seeing.

Because I am clear on my role in society— to bear witness to the fullness of life and to step into the healer role when invited, and to consistently nurture my home base (the land and it's inhabitants) and build a body of work around integrative spirituality, I can make this decision with confidence.

No doubt some might misconstrue this decision as high-vibing it. To that I say my entire life has been in service of the shadow and "sacred darkness" as my friend Darla calls it (more on her below). From death beds to metaphorical death/rebirths and edge-walking the perimeters life, it is time I do me, 100%. Which means I might let you down.

But the opposite may happen. It might inspire you. Either way I take my directives from my soul and guides and will not be externally pressured, thank you.

Where I am hanging out.

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