Take a leisurely browse down any "Spiritual Development / Personal Growth" bookstore isle and you'll see a whole host of titles promising you freedom from suffering and a new lease on life. 

The content temporarily inspires, lifts your spirits and reconfigures your thinking. After some time (perhaps after a loooong time) life happens and you discover darkness and pain await around the corner. What now? What gives?


Now I am not asking you to be reckless with your truth.
Quite the contrary, I am urging you to engage it thoughtfully and embrace it's true nature.

Telling the truth, navigating transition, and personal transformation are the territory of your soul. My mission to help you do these things, wisely. Think suffer less, live more.

Spiritual growth is messy, challenging, and often painful. Does it have to be?
Not always.
But sometimes yes, yes it does.

I make no promises except this: LIFE IS BITTERSWEET.

Our "job" as human beings is to learn how to integrate the bitter and savor the sweet.

As an adult this plays out as learning how to undo all the conditioning placed on our developing mind and getting back in touch with who you really are (strong and sacred). I've never met anyone who hasn't needed at least a small handful of relentless supporters and experienced guides to lead the way. 

Cue, me and my work...

Here's why I'm so fiercely dedicated to this work:

3.18.02 is a day forever burned in the history of me. Crippled by my own suffering, sensitivity and harmful attempts to self-medicate, I made the incredibly brave and mature decision to get clean and sober. 

I was 18 years old.

Basically I've spent every single day of my adulthood actively engaged in healing and personal growth— both personally and professionally. I've rigorously studied and tested all kinds of tools, techniques, approaches, and systems as they relate to the human spirit (psyche).

As a result of working with hundreds of individuals and my own personal experience, I've developed Invoke the Invisible ® a methodology for accessing and embodying your wisest, truest self.

I keep it real, everyday all day. I equally employ intuition and intellect to teach and guide others home, back to themselves. My experience tells me that those who most benefit from me and my work are progressive, kind, complex, and soulful and value truth, growth, and depth over feel good platitudes.