wellness hacks you can do

When my middle child was a toddler, she'd look at me with her squishy marshmallow cheeks and refer to vitamins as "voodamins".

I've never forgotten that. After all, it has a sweet, quirky roll off the tongue kinda feel to it.

Voodamins is so much more than a creative project. Yes, it's an expansion of my healing work which highlights fun, doable, affordable ways to bring more health and wellness into your life. But it's more than that.

If I'm writing or teaching about it, then it also has an element that anchors the soul/spirit. 

I've been super transparent about being highly sensitive, intuitive, and (at times) hyper-empathic. Only now am I starting to share my experience with chronic illness. 

Because without health we have nothing.

It's taken me time to understand the truth of my own story. That said I am never a victim. I have always hunted down my medicine, integrated it and then brought it to others. I’m ready to start sharing the new updated/integrated version of my work. Thanks for being here.