The Power of Creative Expression

An Introduction to #LuminousHands


Creative expression, in its many forms is a high quality therapeutic tool for processing emotions (consciously and unconsciously), reducing tension and shifting out of a funk.

Creativity and art is a visceral way to compost pain and the complex human experience into a palpable, useable form. Through texture, imagery, movement and vibrancy messages are communicated. 

I often write about how words fail to capture the true essence and meaning of what it is that wants to be said. That's because language is limited. Creative expression opens the flood gates and allows us to access different depths of knowledge, heights of integration, and states of being.

Art is why I get up in the morning but my definition ends there. You know I don’t think its fair that I’m living for something I can’t even define.
— Ani Difranco

Over the years I have developed my own go-to tool that takes all the benefits named above and then turns up the volume. Meet #luminoushands

A personal exploration tool that yields an end product with potential. By enlisting the power of symbolism, color, texture, and inquiry you can glean information that has been otherwise eluding you. 

Why Hands?

Hands are a sacred universal symbol.

  • "Hands are lightning rods for psychic energy"— they transmit light and healing energy.  — Taschen Book of Symbols pg. 380

    When I was a hospice Chaplain my hands would buzz in the final moments of a patient's passing. Being a Certified Medical Reiki Master™ means that I have undergone several iterations of energetic initiations which have enhanced the sensitivity and awareness of light and energy in my hands. You don't need to be a Reiki master to sense this. In a calm, meditative state draw circles on your palms— envision a golden circle of light activating with your simple and pure intention of opening up to more light and energy. Begin there, repeat often and pay attention to your relationship with the energy in your own hands.
  • Hands are indispensable to humans.

    "Hands signify the sovereign, world-creating reach of consciousness; they embody effectiveness, industry, adaptation, invention, self-expression and the possession of a will for creative and destructive ends. The same fingers that confer a blessing, stroke a child or tend a wound can smash a skull, drive viruses into computer systems or strike the match that sets a forest to fire." — Taschen Book of Symbols pg. 380

What You'll Need to Make Your Own #LuminousHands

  1. Paper
    I prefer to use a thicker paper— 7 by 10in mix media paper (98lbs) for adult hands and 6 by 6in artist tiles for child hands. But you can start with a sheet from your printer (8 by 10in) regular ole' paper
  2. Pencil for tracing your hand.
  3. Black Sharpie
  4. Coloring pencils and markers (or an alternative interior medium of your choice).


Technical Instructions:

  1. Set the mood. Prepare. Burn some incense or diffuse essential oils and put on some background music conducive to your mood. Find a comfortable place you can sit to create. Have a tea handy and snacks so you won't have any interruptions or self-induced distractions.
  2. Trace your hand with pencil. Be sure to take off any rings and jewelry before tracing. Also, pay attention to your finger positioning. There is no right or wrong way to position your fingers. Notice the amount of relaxed space between your fingers when your hand lays flat. Adjust to your present comfort level and then, when you are ready, trace your entire hand— start at the base of your wrist, circling around the entire hand, ending at the other root of your wrist. 
  3. Define your outline. Bolden your pencil trace by outlining it with black sharpie. Yes you have full creative permission to do so in another color :)
  4. Design your hand. Fill in the interior of your hand as you choose. The preferred method for doing so rests in creating random shapes, lines and areas without rhyme or reason. Embrace the awkwardness of being creative with no result in mind. Embrace the design as information, in its own right.
  5. Complete your design. I recommend creating to completion in one sitting. This specific exercise is not meant to carry through different threads of time. It's an immediate access point and tool for intervention. Having said that, I encourage you to allow as much "white space" as you feel is needed. There is no measuring stick for "goodness" or "rightness" with this activity.

Therapeutic Prompts:

  • Choose a theme for your #luminoushand. In the video demo you can see I chose "intuition" to be the focus for this particular day. To select a focus for yourself I recommend several different options:

    - Choose a feeling, emotion or concept that is in the forefront of your life.
    - Choose an oracle / tarot card to prompt you on the theme
    - Forgo a "word" theme and instead channel your creativity in this mode
  • Reflect on the final product. Notice the symbolism and vibe of your #luminoushand. Let your creation communicate to you. With an open, curious mindset, reflect upon your imagery. There is a wealth of information available to you.
  • See your #luminoushands as a teacher and ally. Add your creation to your altar space and be sure to glimpse at it often. Once you've created several you'll begin to notice you have your own creative language. Signs, symbols, colors, and themes will continue to appear in your own creations, without intention. This is the power of your intuition and imagination.
  • Fight the urge to classify your art as "good", "bad", "ugly", "messy" or the like. Someone might look at my creative expression and think a child did it, I kid you not :) Nope! I did and I've learned to appreciate the unique creative imprint of my soul and I want you to do the same. The more and more you create, the more you get to witness and see your soul on paper. It's super powerful. 
  • Share your creation with me on Instagram! Tag me @centauresse and be sure to use the hashtag #luminoushands - my vow is to provide you with sacred witnessing and honor your creation.


The #luminoushands online workshop is now available. You can buy that here or join the Circle of Light  and get it as a registration bonus.