LIGHT: my weapon of choice

Ever since returning from Peru (a few weeks ago) I've felt deeply fortified in the turmoil unfolding in our nation. Let me explain.

What I saw on another continent were people fighting the elite for power. Except being that Peru is a third world nation therefore essential aspects to everyday living like clean water, safe food, and acceptable housing were not guaranteed.

And while to say these things are guaranteed in America isn't totally accurate (think Flint water crisis #blacklivesmatter) we do have a substantial amount of infrastructure which keeps everyday operations in order. 

For instance despite marches and rallies and protests we expect our banks, schools and grocery stores to be open. And they are. This is one great aspect of our society.

The pitfall is that this very structure is steeped in systemic racism, skewed power, and oppression. These things must be addressed.

We cannot continue to allow white supremacy. It must be dismantled.

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LIGHT is my weapon of choice.

I'm not talking about "love and light" (a peaceful, passive approach that is fantasy-based thinking cloaked as hope) rather I'm talking about exposure.

We can use light as a force to be reckoned with.
We can use light to discover and build knowledge and awareness.
We can use light to magnetize and influence others.
We can use light to blind and force a new perspective.
We can use light to illuminate that which remains invisible in the shadows. 

It's uncomfortable but necessary.
From my point of view, there is no alternative.

Light is a penetrating which can sear or warm you like honey.

Both forms and uses have a purpose and appropriate use. 

These days spiritual care involves not only caring for yourself but also advocating for others. They are inseparable. They always have been. The only difference now is you can't duck and hide for the conflict will confront you, no matter where you are.


As a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher wholly invested in the evolution of the soul of humanity, it means I'm required to get down and dirty— to walk into the shadows and expose the skeletons of what holds us back. (*ahem, I am most certainly not excluded from this)

The only difference now is we can't duck and hide for the conflict will confront you, no matter where you are.

Life as it is, today requires this. 
As Kelly Diel says, "we are all in the water so we are all wet".

Personally I have a karmic and ancestral responsibility to this cause. Ancestry DNA reports confirm I'm super white (aka as white as they come). Plus my grandmother was an activist for POC and desegregation many moons ago. If I can embody a modicum of her courage today, I'd be proud. 

But this isn't about pride. 
It's about the destruction of pride, specifically white pride and I consent. Do you?

This is a massive undertaking. It won't be accomplished overnight.
A simple amends won't cut it.

We must keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to see clearly and bleed for those who have been sacrificed for our comfort and power. The status quo is unacceptable. 

Right now YOUR voice is needed to honor the wounds of the collective. Doing so in no way diminishes your own personal pain. They can both exist.

Right now YOUR actions are needed to help spur radical change to ensure that people come together and craft new solutions and structures and obliterate de-humanizing aspects of society and all the ways we agreed to the de-humanizing social norms.

Familiarize yourself with the concept of white silence, white privilege, white supremacy, #blacklivesmatter and open yourself up to how and why these are critical components to human-centered spiritual practices. 

Branch out. Seek out and embrace the voices and perspective of POC, like yesterday.

Here are several sources and articles I have very much enjoyed. Read them.
Share them with your people.