On Kindness

Kindness is a quality of the soul, a powerful agent for transcending perceived points of separation and creating a true sense of connection with another.

My people (online and in real life) are kind and therefore oriented towards helping others. The desire to help others is natural and exists without prompting.

I see kindness as both a fundamental quality of being and a need seeking to be met. The need in specific is for meaning and connection.

Kind, compassionate people are compelled to seek meaning and possess a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence. They are drawn to careers, service work, and roles in life that contribute to society, the community, their family, and sphere of influence.

Intuition (i.e. following your gut) is a superpower for kind folk as it is the ultimate, trustworthy source for very-much-needed discernment.


We are seers, empaths, highly sensitive, helping professionals who give a f*ck about other people, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves.

Bravo! The world is full of self-centered assholes so I congratulate you on this notion.

But before we get ahead of ourselves let's dive into kindness because as wonderful as kindness is, I believe our kind nature must be fiercely guarded.


Kindness is not a weakness, it's pure strength.

Kindness never requires we sacrifice ourselves, an aspect of ourselves or what we value the most for any reason, at any time. Not our bodies, nor our minds, or our hearts. While sacrifice in of itself is a worthy notion, it's a slippery slope for us kind folks. In my opinion sacrifice is a serious matter and therefore should occur infrequently and with good reason. (another post for another day)

Kind is not nice, period.


Kindness is attractive. With kindness you can dissolve barriers, create connections, and make a difference in someone else's day. I too want grand, large scale impact but true impact comes from intimate, genuine exchanges. Kindness is the way.

Kindness is simple by design. We can keep it uncomplicated by recognizing and rejecting the 'should's' and 'would's' and "could's" that don't align with who we are and what truly we care about. You design the rules and are free to edit them at anytime.

Kindness is a self-centric practice and that's a good thing!

With kindness there's room for "no", "no, thank you", "no, not like this", and "f*ck no". 

Kindness begins with ourselves. Then we extend it outward. This is the way of genuine kindness. Anything else is smoke n' mirrors, untrue, and unsustainable.

Kindness always considers your values, your needs, your truth (at the time), and asks that you be kind to YOU, always. The moment we choose kindness for another OVER kindness for the self, is the moment we loose our footing. In order for it to be kind, it must be kind to both you and the other. 

Kindness is rooted in compassion and empathy and understanding. 

Kindness has little to nothing to do with wearing a smile on your face or being extroverted. In fact the more kind folk I meet the more I see we often tend to generally not like people, because they are disappointing or draining or worse. You can be kind and introverted and protective. It's a harsh world out there, I get it.


So to recap kind folk are givers, lovers, and helpers.

Our kindness is a reflection of our soul and yet at times our behavior and decisions may be perceived as unkind from the outside looking in because we have chosen to extend ourselves kindness first. 

Does our kindness stem from an endless well of compassion? Absolutely not. I mean this is what it means to be human! Jesus and The Buddha were good role models for this.

Being human means having limits. Despite all the the meme's telling you otherwise.

This means then that each of us is working with a bandwidth of energy we can extend outside of ourselves, including kindness. We can work to expand the total bandwidth we are working with at any given time but one simple truth remains:

Us kind people will go dark if we ignore the warning signs or refuse to acknowledge our limitations. We can and will experience total compassion fatigue and burn out (a spiritual crisis) if we choose xyz over Self, time and time again. 

A spa weekend with the girls might be lovely but I doubt it's the rehabilitation you need. Nope, instead you're now looking a total life revamp in the eyes. Something (or many things) have to shift and dramatically.

Of course that begins with you and safeguarding your sphere of influence.

When kind folks begin to understand their ability to cleanse, call-in, shape, and reshape their sphere of influence, life improves. 

The ultimate permission slip
for kind folks...

Choose you. Choose your health. Choose your sanity. Choose your heart. Choose your life. Then you will have the capacity to give (almost) endlessly to others, kindly.

This is the way of kindness.

p.s. I'm putting the final touches on a workshop that will equip you with the ability to map your sphere of influence so that you can identify in-congruencies and make constructive, healthy decisions and shift energy in the best interest of you! Make sure you're on my mailing list to get notification of it's availability.