Is there such a thing as "too happy" ????

I have happiest, most beautiful Golden Retriever named Luna. (You'll find pics of her plastered about my Instagram rather frequently.)

Anyways she recently returned home from her beloved doggie boarding center extra grumbly and clearly in pain. A trip to the MSU ER Vet clinic revealed Luna is an extremely happy dog whose tail is limp and needs resting. With no obvious signs of trauma, injury or infection she left the vet with a diagnosis of (and I kinda-quote) 'happy dog, limp tail syndrome'.

Given my obsession with happiness and the human condition this has me wondering...

Is there such a thing as too happy?

I've written for years about how when our set point is to "be happy" we create pressure, unrest, and derail the very thing we seek.

And now Luna has me investigating the relationship between required rest and happiness. I mean, it makes sense to me.

So I turn this dynamic over to you...

  • How can you infuse more rest into your life?
  • How can you take yourself OFF THE HOOK to "be happy" and settle in to life and your experience?
  • How might you be better off by no longer seeking a state of happiness?
  • How can you distinguish between feeling happy as opposed to feeling a sense of peace and trust? These states of being are verrrry different.

I can clearly see the link between required rest and happiness.
For me, it boils down to harmony.

To be in harmony with ourselves, the flow of life, and how things really are we MUST allow ourselves to rest.