the moon and you

Astrology is often balked at as a pseudoscience or fluff. But beyond the daily newspaper horoscope is a complex system or thought, structure and ancient knowledge. Its far from fluff.

The moment you were born is literally mapped in the stars as seen in your natal birth chart. This unique mandala of the Self is a tool for insight into YOU and your truest essence, strengths, weaknesses, choices and soul-level lessons. 

The sun and moon, along with other planets / important elements, and where they can be found in your astrology birth chart convey a great depth of wisdom, knowledge and information.

My purpose in writing this article is not to teach you astrology but rather to illuminate and relate a cornerstone of nature, and our everyday life, and its impact and influence on YOU.

The sun is considered a masculine energy; a force of illumination and radiance.
While the moon is a feminine energy; a force of magnetism and concentration. 

Together the sun and moon create balance in nature and in us.

They are the yin/yang of night and day, penetration and receptivity, and our outer vs. inner experience of life. 

The moon is captivating.

For centuries goddesses have gathered by moonlight to invoke healing, offer prayers of gratitude and create change. Chances are the moon has enchanted you irrespective of your awareness of its impact on you.

If you'd like to change that here are practical ways you can amp up your connection to the moon and invite a greater flow of feminine consciousness into your life.

1. Become interested in the various moon phases and their unique properties. Each moon phase, particularly the new moon and full moon are opportunities for personal ritual and spiritual focus.

  • Check out MOONGIANT for current status of the moon
  • Read about the qualities of each moon phase HERE
  • Kathleen Prophet offers transformational astrology embodiment workshops
  • Ezzie Spencer offers a great lunar planning resource
  • Dive into the goodness that is QOYA
  • AstroDienst is my recommended go to chart generator

2. Bask in the moonlight. One of my go to spiritual tools is active meditation or walking meditation as taught by Thich Nhat Hahn. A walking meditation under the full moon is a thing of beauty. Set an intention to be present and connected to the immensity of Life. If you have a particular question or need brewing, hold your question in your heart and walk.

My experience, time and time again, indicates that when we ask Spirit to speak to us and we are willing to walk and listen then guidance and wisdom arrives. The task then becomes acceptance, integration and conscious choices.

3. Gather up all your crystals and sacred objects (those that can withstand being outside in the elements) and set up a moon soaking station. Place them in the moonlight to be cleansed and charged with your good vibes. This is especially important for items that have been gifted or passed down to you and for tools that are both infrequently and frequently used. 

If weather permits keep them out in the sunlight: 3 days and nights is suggested and recommended however one night under the moon is better than none!