(how to) Create A Power Altar

Traditionally speaking, altars are a place to worship gods and goddesses but to you, a magician in training, an altar is so much more. It is your power center.

This is your dedicated, sacred space to house your dreams, serve as protection and a source of wisdom and guidance. Use your altar to be in deep communion with Spirit and your highest self— to care for your soul.

To create a power altar, select and declare a physical space as sacred and for the purposes of being your altar, only. You can create one altar to house all of your aspects of life or have several different altars dedicated to your work, your body, your spiritual guides, your goals.

Thoughtfully arrange crystals, photographs, artwork, talismans, special trinkets, gifts from Spirit, treasures, and spiritually significant symbols. Do so with purpose and intention. This is an act of prayer.

Revisit your altar or altars frequently. Update them to reflect who you are, your spirit guides, concepts and questions you are currently working with, and be sure to include your visions and dreams for your life. Spruce up your altar under the power of the full and or new moon for extra juice.

Be sure to cleanse and charge your sacred objects using smoke purification methods or giving them time out in the sunshine and moonlight. Objects collect energy and memories, so be mindful of how and when you use them.

Trust your intuition to guide you in this creative process.

Create your altar in partnership with the sacred elemental forces. Let them support you in your life and your dreams.