America (post election prose)

I weep
and weep
for our nation
unbound by differences
jaded by indifference
stifled by fear
simmering in anger
rage and hatred

I dream of Anne Franks diary
her words medicine and wisdom
from a dark time in human history

Let us face the truth
the palpable pain
and deep divides between neighbors
and friends
and families

Prepare your hearts and minds
gather your tools of light
for a journey into unmistakable darkness

She calls to us a beautiful song of heartbreak, discord, potential and progress

Hear me warrior...
You know the way through this terrain
barefoot and boobytrapped
make no difference
for you are made of light
and light cannot be destroyed

Let us not crumble from threats
and spears aimed to pierce our hearts
for our humanity cannot be taken away

No darkness
No divide
and No authority can shield us from the everlasting
beauty and tenderness of Life

Hold your beloveds
and cry your tears
taste the salty droplets
and then witness them fall to the earth
as nourishment for the roots of trees preparing for winter

Winter is coming
perhaps winter is already here
reservations made centuries ago
for this moment
for you and me
to re-evaluate and reconnect
to truth, light and what really
really matters