Emotional Self-Regulation

Empaths have a tendency to become overstimulated and emotionally overwhelmed, primarily because they are navigating their own emotions plus sensing and potentially absorbing the emotions of others. In addition to managing your energy through consistent grounding and boundary defining practices, the following internal skills will greatly benefit you.

What you seek is stillness amidst the storm. In knowing that you are a powerful being capable of implementing a few simple practices, you can help yourself.

  • Be kind to yourself. Extend radical self-acceptance to the state of your feelings and emotions. Feelings are information, not who you are. Furthermore, your feelings will not kill you. You may feel like they will but rest assured emotions alone will not be the end of you.

  • Unpack the shame. Shame is a slimy, sticky, self-inflicted form of punishment that empaths and highly sensitive people often struggle with. Because sensitivity is not necessarily a trait that is valued and revered in our culture, most of us have a personal history of being shamed for being who you are. Learning to recognize shame and releasing its talons from your psyche will provide a great deal of relief.

  • Know your strength. Often sensitivity isn’t associated with strength, but I disagree. Sensitivity to subtleties is your superpower.  Own it and don’t let anyone try and change that fact. You must learn to validate yourself and not wait for others to do this for you. Allow yourself to see new setbacks as opportunities for refinement and building resiliency. Also, don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle. Relief will come.

  • Pay attention to your beliefs. Your reality is largely shaped by what you believe. Revisit your beliefs and give yourself permission to revise them.

Appropriately channel your emotions using creativity and movement. More to come on this later in the guide.