DeBrief Buddy

Narcotics Anonymous has a saying “the therapeutic value of one (addict) helping another is without parallel”. This is the same for empaths and HSPs.

Find and nurture the hell out of relationships with those who also identify with being an empath or highly sensitive. I recommend having at least two folks you can count on to vent and then redirect with. I never recommend having all of your eggs in one basket.

Know who your trusted people are and be prepared to reach out and share your pain in times of urgent need. The value in sharing with someone who can deeply relate is two-fold.

You get the benefit of being witnessed, which is a core need every person has. Additionally, you provide a place of intervention. By using your skill of wise discernment, who you choose to confide in will meet you with compassion, understanding, and potentially offer an opportunity to shift out of a dark place.

Fight the urge to sit with your pain and suffering alone.

Secrets and pain grow and fester in the dark. By allowing someone else to know and witness your pain, is to be kind and loving to yourself.