Consult Your Higher Self

Remember the days when everyone wore WWJD bracelets? Well this exercise is a play off of that. You see, your best self is supremely wise so this practice takes you right to the source.

What Would Your Ideal Self Do? [WWYISD]

Catchy, I know.

If you can't immediately access the answer to this question by simply inquiring, that’s an indication you're off kilter. No biggie, use one of the following two recommended practices to help free up access to this part of you by silencing your critical mind.

In order to tap into your wise, intuitive essence, it’s best to utilize grounding and relaxation techniques. This guide has already covered ways to ground your energy and define your boundaries. However on my website I have a 5 minute grounding audio meditation available that soothes inner restlessness and aides in consulting your higher self.

Mudra’s are great tool to consciously shift your vibration and energy flow. Practice with hand positions, focus, and commands to experience the effect.

Alternatively YouTube offers a world of free zen meditations you can utilize. I recommend amplify your intuitive insight by meditating with a mudra, or yogic hand position7. The Gyan “mudra is performed by touching your index fingertip to the tip of your thumb, while holding your other three fingers straight.” —Leo Carver.