Complimentary Grounding and Cleansing Meditation

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complimentary grounding meditation

It is time to prepare your mind, body and spirit for a journey of ultimate grounding and cleansing.

With each footstep that you put forward, you walk deeper and deeper into the forest of life. With each step, you feel the ground beneath your feet, hard, solid, but full of life.

You can feel the dirt and mud squishing in between your toes, covering your skin like a luxurious cream. Deeper and deeper you go into the forest until you come upon the magnificent tree of life.

She invites you to sit with your back against the trunk and so you do. You sit down comfortably at her roots and rest your spine against her bark, which appears rough, but feels smooth to the back. You rest your head and neck upon her strong, wide, wooden body and yet you notice it feels like a feather pillow.

Before you know it, your physical body dissolves into tiny particles and suddenly you are one with the tree. You can feel each and every branch and leaf, the trunk all the way down into every single root, which forms a system and a complex network deep, deep, deep into the ground. You can feel the sunshine sunning each leaf. Your greenery is happy and warm and safe.

Then, a gentle breeze of wind blows. You sway and bend with the wind. This stretch feels good, it feels natural for you are still anchored solidly into the ground.

Then, you feel rain, raindrops falling on your greenery canopy. It feels good, nourishing, cleansing. The rain beadlets drip down each and every leaf, down the branches, down the trunk onto the ground to your thirsty roots which voraciously absorb and soak up the rain.

The cooling, cleansing, liquid travels up, up, up, up, up your trunk, even up further into the branches and the leaves.

You are cleansed and renewed by the rain from the sky and the energy from the Earth. The water cleanses your cells and satisfies your thirstiness. Any unused excess returns to the Earth for better use elsewhere.

You are filled with gratitude, You are filled with light.
You are fulfilled.
You are no longer thirsty.
You aren't hungry and you don’t need or want anything, right now in this moment.
You are fully content.
You are grounded. You are anchored firmly. You are rooted.
You are solid.

You are a warrior of light.

You begin to sense each and every single one of your particles starting to come back together to form your physical body at the trunk of the tree of life.

And as you return to your original physical state, you embody gratitude and thank the tree of life for this lesson, for this cleansing, for this grounding. 

You are invited to come back to this place, to this tree, in this forest, anytime you need to be reminded that you:

  • have a firm foundation
  • are anchored in love
  • are firmly rooted in principle

The elements and the spirits are here to help, guide and support you.
Remember, you just have to ask.

Now, with your body back in complete physical form, for extra good measure you call back all of your energy and say thank you.

You leave a token of gratitude if you wish or you may leave just your words and a feeling of deep, deep appreciation.

As you start your pilgrimage out of the forest to return to Life you notice you are now adorned differently. What is it that you return with?

Notice the sensation and power contained in your attire.

With each step you take you get closer and closer to life.
You are ready to greet whatever comes your way.
For you are a warrior of light.
One who beams love and kindness but capable of striking like a Cobra when necessary.
You are courageous and anchored.

Now, off you go to greet the day.


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