Truth & Transformation

thoughts on suffering and what it really takes to heal

I've heard over and over again in my lifetime that 'pain is inevitable but suffering, suffering is optional.' A clear example of an untruth, for me.

Suffering has always been one of my greatest teachers. 

Of course, I don't like to suffer. When I find myself in a perpetual state of suffering let's just call it what it is, it sucks.

And yet, I know somewhere in the seat of my soul that I am being taught/guided through a direct personal experience about...

  • the intricacies of being human and how incredibly difficult it is
  • boundaries, limitations, duality and the wisdom only forged in fire
  • my unique wiring and how my experience differs from yours, and how they are both valid
  • health, the loss of health and the complexities of regaining your footing and wellness
  • understanding my place in the world, the cosmos, and how to best contribute to others
  • ENERGY— what's mine, what's not, and how there's always more to learn
  • POWER (always power)— how much I have, where it goes when I feel powerless, how to reclaim it, what's up for grabs and how I can reboot from the inside out independent from anything changing outside of me

Suffering is a portal to truth, strength, and power. 

I'm not saying you must suffer to find these things.

I'm saying if you are up for the task you can spin your suffering into pure gold, a currency that will lead you home, to what you seek and what seeks you.

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty of how to see yourself out of suffering, I want you to understand that I am centralist. While I professionally and personally value intuition and use it as a primary source of information, guidance, and inspiration I also equally value things like the medical system and psychotherapy. I see the best results when both are employed.

Resolving suffering looks different for each person— it's a complicated equation that requires an "all hands on deck" approach. You must provide interventions that address the layers and dimensions of who you are.

Picture a mind-body-spirit accordion where each note signals a specific need and dimension of your total and complete self, including that which never ever dies. 

The goal is to remedy disruptions but also to enhance the truth and essence of who you are— this is both a remembering of your innate power and a reconnection to wellness.

How to Begin

The foundation of all healing starts with one straightforward step— accepting responsibility for your wellness. Responsibility for creating wellness is entirely different and separate from taking responsibility for the cause of your illness or distress.

Did you read that? It's crucial.

Your suffering is not your fault. It is, however, an invitation to go deeper into your skillset of caring for yourself, creating what you need and personal evolution. This journey isn't always easy or fun, but facets of it most certainly can be. And with time and practice, it can become more and more natural for you.

With focus and dedication, YOU can transform into a powerhouse capable of regenerating a new energy grid when cataclysmic conditions obliterate your outdated operating system.

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The Next StepS

Less linear this is where your personal equation comes into to play. 

  • Tap into your sacred resources. Seriously the power of prayer and asking for support, guidance, and crystal clear direction is essential.

    Don't willy-nilly your communication. Get specific. I'm a big fan of being a bit demanding. I don't like it when Spirit gives me wishy-washy responses. I'd prefer a definite and direct no or go. And so I ask for just that. The energy of being demanding is out of respect for the divine resources and my own. Try it out. You have permission.
  • Run your energy. I've taught various techniques and practices for grounding and managing one's energy field for years, but just recently I discovered a revolutionary way to work with the personal energy field, and it's a game changer. An intro practice can be found in my free ebook given to all subscribers. A separate lesson plan detailing how to better command your energy is on the way (link).
  • Map your journey to wellness. Never underestimate the power of clearly defined goals, a commitment to key action items and remaining open to new possibilities. I've created a super helpful post on how to do just that. (link coming soon)
  • Be kind, wise and discerning. Spending them dolla dolla bills on supplements, specialists and healers won't guarantee the outcome you seek. Keep in mind that we all share one common core purpose— to evolve and grow. In light of this truth, proceed with caution— get familiar with your strengths and limitations, know when to rest and relax and when to push through, when to engage and disengage, when to advocate for yourself and when to listen, and the list goes on. Use your intuition to identify and implement useful tools, techniques, and practices that will enrich your life and not deplete you.


Let's not be coy. The dance with darkness has an allure. We are often unconsciously if not willingly tethered to suffering because its nature is captivating and familiar.

A birds-eye view of LOKI in the Marvel THOR movies illustrates the personal struggle with power, the push and pull between unique greatness and the trickster qualities of darkness while delineating between these and destructive forces. Speaking of THOR, the newest THOR RAGNAROCK movie was incredible. I left the theatre jazzed up convinced I am from Asgard. But that another discussion for another day. 

Remember healing happens. Miracles happen. But also our definition of healing must be expanded and revised. I've written in great detail about the nature of healing and curing, more on that here.

For those who have suffered and then reclaimed your freedom only to plummet again, I have a specific message for you: Your suffering is valid too.  To experience the sweetness and electric heights of expansion followed by collapse is brutal. Just as you have evolved over the years so will your sources of wellness, information, and inspiration. The tools you have haven't stopped working you're just ready to go deeper and deeper, spiraling back into the web of who you are. I'm here for you too.

p.s. I'm creating more space in my life and my professional healing practice for folks like YOU who crave insight, understanding and want to create relief for themselves. Follow me to this page to explore more about booking an intuitive healing session with me.