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FAQ (You & The Toroidal field)

1. Why should I work with the toroidal Field?

You are a multidimensional being, the sum total of:


  • the nurturing you've received from individuals, family (blood & chosen), and your community

  • voids resulting from trauma, neglect, abuse, abandonment, dysfunction, violence, and personal rejection

  • the influence of the dominant culture and it's unique positioning to your self-identity

  • intimate relationships and friendships which provide intimacy and connection

The Mental Plane

  • the beliefs and ideas you hold about how life works

  • thought rigidity as imposed by the need for logic, reason, and understanding

The Emotional Plane

  • a highly mutable response system that provides varying degrees and flavors of emotions

  • conscious and unconscious feelings about the past, present, and future

  • repeating emotional patterns/cycles

Physical Form/Biological Components

Subtle Body & Spiritual Essence

  • The total energy system and surrounding auric field of your physical body (includes the luminous energy field, chakras, meridians, the aura, karmic data on lives lived, current soul contracts, and your creative potential)

  • An indestructible essence/spirit that makes you unique

  • Soul consciousness— an inherently wise, higher self always on to task to create opportunities for personal growth and personal evolution at the level of consciousness

* This aspect of self is linked to every other human being and the collective evolution process

All of these components weave together to create the matrix of who you are.

Working with the toroidal field as a foundational practice brings a conscious, intentional, and highly focused attention and awareness to your subtle body and the deeper underpinnings of what's happening not only in you, but in your life, and the Universe.

I see it as a rainbow powered energy circuit that effectively bridges the gap between the limited human mind/experience and the invisible, untapped creative potential of the Universe. Because this energy is creative, it's spiritual.

2. Is the toroidal field the actual shape of my energy field?

I don't believe in telling other people what is right or wrong for them. I will, however, provide some important considerations for you to include in the decision-making process:

  • I'm not sure it matters what the actual shape of the human energy field is (although a quick Google search yields consistent results). What is of greater importance is that you regularly and directly work your subtle body or luminous energy field. The toroidal field provides a particularly helpful "system" and "structure" in which we can allow our minds a way to understand and connect with the subtle, intuitive aspect of your being. From my point of view, you can't go wrong because it all leads to self-awareness and growth.

  • The toroidal field and its template for creation is highlighted over and over again in esoteric teachings including Yggdrasil (from Norse Mythology), The World Tree (from Quan Yin), and the building blocks of matter (Genesis in the Bible)

  • The infinity symbol is the ancient 2D representation for the toroidal field and carries similar properties (continuous and self-balancing)

  • The toroidal field is mirrored in nature and quantum physics over and over again, from our understanding of a black hole to the construct of an atom, earth's electromagnetic field, a tornado, and even the human heart.

3. Is encapsulating a good idea, ever?

I've decided that no, it's never a good idea to encapsulate and yet I recognize the need for additional tools in safeguarding one's space. 

  • Working with the toroidal field is an excellent place to start. Doing so provides the form and function for better commanding your energy and space, but it's certainly not everything.

  • Additional interventions, tools, and techniques are recommended that address each specific layer/dimension of who you are (as detailed above). For example, employing psychic plexiglass and mirrors can be helpful in deflecting directly intrusive energies but are they never a suitable replacement for practicing healthy boundaries, honest communication, and reprioritizing commitments to ensure they reflect your truth and values.

4. I can't feel anything, what am I doing wrong?

Absolutely nothing. 
Feeling and sensing energy is merely one pathway to intuition, not the pathway

I recommend learning and identifying your primary sources of intuition. How you experience intuition will significantly influence how you connect to and work with your energy.

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