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(how to) POWER UP and run your energy

I've been in a season of learning new things, which at times has come to me as a surprise. Not that I thought I knew everything but a jadedness had begun to anchor itself the seat of my soul. Some of the causes I've written about here on my blog while other things I have kept private. 

I spend my days connecting with others. We talk about the state of the world and about the deeply personal things that are front and center in daily life (like health, children, responsibilities, finances, relationships, family drama, etc.).

What I've noticed is that folks have so much to personally address that it's hard, if not impossible to tap into the collective wound. This truth was troubling me both in theory and in reality. For I cannot personally carry the suffering of the world. I won't. It will kill me. #SorryNotSorry

The important message here is that this is the fuel for my most recent quests with Spirit. I've had burning questions that required answers— for myself and others. 

Thankfully I found them. Read on.

Artwork Created By Sarah H Nicotra

Artwork Created By Sarah H Nicotra

An Introductory lesson plan on the toroidal field

A revolutionary way to work your energy.

FYI: I didn't invent the concept of the torus/toroidal field; nature did, therefore, it's not NEW, it's existed since the beginning of time. And yet in the decade, I've been immersed in the world of energy work and healing, this concept eluded me.

This lesson plan offers:

  • Compelling evidence that this energy circuit is relevant and highly useful
  • An expansive viewpoint of the torus/toroidal field and it's self-regulating nature
  • Lots of fun drawings to help you boost your imagination and intuition
  • The opportunity to go deeper (future training and offerings will go deeper into sub-components of this technique, breaking down the concept into bite-sized pieces while you work your way to mastery)


Before we relate this concept to you let's explore its existence in nature.

Exhibit A: The Earth

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

The yellow lines are the "earth's invisible magnetic field" (source NASA). They resemble infinity symbols of increasing size. This pattern is self-balancing, interconnected, and in constant motion.

Given that the Earth is estimated to be over 4 billion years old, I think it's safe to say this is an incredibly robust matrix of energy (source NASA). I am proposing that you work with this energy pattern instead of encapsulating, or creating an egg/protective energy bubble.

Here's why.

Like any habit, energy patterns strengthen with repetition and longevity. I discovered through personal hardship that encapsulating has unintended side effects when used over a considerable length of time.

Think about it— continually instituting a specific energetic boundary, cements it. Even if you intend to have a permeable sphere, you will experience (to varying degrees) restriction, collapse, and distance from your light and power.

Working with the toroidal field (i.e., the shape of the torus) is the best solution and resource available to you. Depending on your skill level and ability to move energy you will respond differently to this concept/matrix. Hint: it may take some time and practice. That's ok!

Once I discovered the toroidal field (by way Tina Zion), the light turned on for me. Up until this point, I only had pieces of the puzzle but this, this is the complete picture! 

I understand my languaging is strong but from where I stand this practice is revolutionary.

A tool for troubling times.

We are living in tumultuous times. Multiple sacred texts like the Bible and the Mayan calendar have predicted the end of an era. To see the truth and extract the value from these dystopian tales, you must not get caught up in the story and instead connect with the wisdom of these myths because they are powerful and personal. 

You and me, we are smack dab in the middle of a massive evolution in humanity. Buckle up! 

As a seer, I must confess I believe we face years and possibly decades (god I hope not lifetimes!) dedicated to this critical shift in upgrading the human operating system. There are a great many folks that must wake up. There are too many issues that require us to come together in community and enact radical change. There are truths and shadows that have to be revealed and transformed.

Work with your toroidal field— power up and turn your light on. Then show up for life and notice what unfolds. 

THIS is a radically different way to move through the world and the foundation to collective and personal transformation.

Will it make you rich? No.
Will it magically solve all your problems? No.
Will it cure your physical disease? No.

Will it change how you interact with others/and they with you? Yes.
Will it give you a sustainable power source and protection? Yes.
Yes and so much more!

When you power up and consciously work with your toroidal field, I've noticed the following in myself and others...

  • enhanced intuition
  • an increase in positive interactions with other people
  • greater accessibility to feelings of ease and joy
  • generalized sense of being connected to the divine
  • improved energy levels and mental clarity
  • heightened ability to receive guidance and answers to prayers/desires

how to work with Your toroidal field

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

To get started it is best to become familiar with the toroidal field itself. 

Most likely you'll recognize the Tree of Life illustrated here. I've added the toroidal field to aid to understand how it energy exists.

Using your imagination place yourself at the center of this graphic and become familiar with it. Keep in mind this is a 360-degree energy matrix in constant motion.

Depending on your pathways to intuition you will work with energy differently. You can feel/sense, know without explanation, hear, see, smell, taste or access it through imagination (yes, really!). No one pathway is better than the other. 

If immediately working with the full toroidal field is too much at first, start small. 

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

Artwork By Sarah H Nicotra

Connect with your heart circuit (pictured).

It is best to use gold or rainbow to power up your energy field however if you feel strongly to work with a specific color, go for it!

You can never go wrong practicing and playing.

>>> It's essential that you know yourself and how you best access intuition, and connect to and move energy. Need help identifying your intuitive pathway(s)? Book a session. I can not only identify your pathways but give you ideas on how to strengthen them. #yetanothershamelessselfpromotion


  • The torus is a 3D shape (think donut and the cross section of an apple)
  • Use gold/rainbow to run your energy field
  • Energy travel pattern 1: Source energy enters through the feet from the Earth up your body, out your head, showering around you in a 360-degree torus shape, continuously circulating
  • Energy travel pattern 2: Source energy enters through your crown/top of your head down your body, out your feet, fountatining around you in a 360-degree torus shape, continuously circulating
  • Pay special attention to your feet, heart, and crown
  • Experiment and practice powering up daily
  • Notice how life responds differently to your new energy

I am currently in the process of creating an expanded training for this particular practice. If you are interested, please submit your email on this page to get notifications.

For those wanting to immediately explore this concept and receive personal instruction, please book a soul companion session. 

Also, if you love this practice as much as I do I'd love to highlight your story/personal experience. Email me and let me know how it's helped you. I am collecting data on other folks experience now. Thank you.

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