Annointing with Essential Oils

“Anointing is the art of vibrational healing, through the aromatic tradition, combined with self-blessing, and intuitive awakening through the use of holy oils. Holy oils have been used as a sacred practice for spiritual union, sanctifying rites of passage, and have been found in all great civilizations and cultures. Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light that expands the auric field.” 3 ― Diana DuBrow of Emerald Temple

I personally have a ritual of rubbing Melissa (an expensive, high vibration essential oil) on my third eye because of its therapeutic quality to transform darkness, confusion, and heavy energy into a useable form. But, truth be told, you can select any appealing oil like rose, lavender, frankincense or the like for your own use. With limited resources, pick one oil you can afford.

Remember this guide serves as a jumping off point for your own personal exploration. You have full permission to dive into the world of essential oils and pick what calls to you. Just be careful that some oils don’t belong near your eyes, please be mindful and do a little bit of research. Also, not all essential oils are created equally. I trust doTERRA quality and purity but it’s best to test the waters yourself. Nowadays, most local health stores carry essential oils.

Consider anointing your own third eye, throat and heart space regularly to aide in process of emotions, shifting energy, and opening and softening into a more relaxed state. You’ll want to take a few breaths and settle yourself down. Take in the aroma and place a small amount of oil on your desired body part with focused intention.

Anoint for relaxation.
Anoint for relief.
Anoint for appreciation of your health.
Anoint for your reason of choice.

Anointing is a sacred, self-care ritual worth exploring. Allow these few seconds to be about you and centering your energy.