Reliable IRL but Touch n' Go w/ social media? Me Too.

Sensitive people operate fundamentally different. We are wired for potent, powerful human connection ALL the time. We are never not “ready” to be in relationship with others. At the grocery, in our homes, at our workplaces.

There is a hunger of sorts for this connection that can actually tripwire the self into mal-adaptive behaviors and patterns (like hyper vigilance and over-care taking of others to the detriment of self to name a few) because our purpose, at least in part functions to both provide and prompt kindness, nuanced care and compassion within our civilization.

You can easily see then why, when society possesses a deficit in nurturing and properly tending the complicated landscape of self and other that we end up in a convoluted cultural mess full of unresolved conflict, orphaned grief/rage, and over-taxed sensitive people.

This reality amplifies the need for sensitives folks to create a clear container of self, learn how to regulate the self and how to have healthy interactions with others and the world around them, including understanding the paradigms at work (for and against you), and then integrating all the things to create a life more suitable to your individuals needs and desires, resulting in an improved quality of life.

So when the going gets tough you can imagine sensitive people are one’s to have in your corner.

Hence, why I wrote this.

The first thing to go when my life/business demands more of me is social media. It’s of course a place I find connection and nourishment but it’s literally an ever-changing algorithm requiring constant input. And as the creator on the other side of the computer, I create from and in the flow of things often in response to a theme in my life or in my clients lives.

It might seem silly to share but it’s important. I LOVE creating and connecting on IG but I am not always there. This is not an apology but an explanation as to why. Again not an excuse but rather visibility on why because sharing how and why we live the way we do, matters more now than ever before.

For me there’s a difference between social media and real life and I’d like to see more conversations around this very topic. The internet is a bit of an alt-universe that ends up rapidly informing our real lives. Tricky stuff. Back to my point: when I am not online I am working, showing up for real people in their lives helping them make real, positive traction.

I pour my heart into the content on Instagram but the real magic of my work happens in relationship with clients. I’m rock solid and my clients sense this from the start. My trustworthiness and ability to hold the space is what I lead with, and it’s why my practice runs off primarily referrals. I feel that its an important point to communicate. More to come on differentiating conversations about the online spiritual market place.

Another reason why I wrote about this is to shine a light on your relationship with social media.

In times of stress and greater demand on your personal resourcefulness what gets the cut?
If it’s social media why and how does that serve your process of self care and protection?
If not, how might it contribute to your stress and dysregulation?
Also, if not, how might it contribute to your sense of wellness and stability?

There are no wrong answers. Knowing yourself always serves. Always.