"Sarah's ability to instantly give advice and guidance that is meaningful and persuasive gives clarity of vision.
Sarah is smart, sensible, kind, and deeply insightful.

I've made life changing decisions are a result of our work together." -Deb D.


"Sarah connects at the right moment, with the right words and intention in a moment of need.
I really don't know anybody else who does that consistently and genuinely." -David L. 


"Halfway through my pregnancy a routine ultrasound showed concern for how my baby’s heart was developing. Sarah helped me navigate that emotionally turbulent time. She provided a medical reiki treatment and energy healing intended to unfold for the remainder of my pregnancy. After working with Sarah my anxiety lessened tremendously.

Best of all, my baby boy was born with a perfectly healthy heart. I could not be more happy for Sarah’s support and energy healing, not only for myself but baby boy as well." -Dinah W.


On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. 

"With the help of Sarah, I went from being a broken shell of myself to a completely different person in just two short months. Sarah guided me back to a place I'd long since forgotten, and honestly had no hopes of ever returning to. I am confident, empowered, and no longer afraid of the unavoidable circumstances that life likes to throw our way.

Without her, I would still be clouded from the warmth and love of myself and the universe. I honestly feel as though I have reconnected with my authentic self, someone who I desperately missed. I have more love and compassion for myself than I can ever remember having, and that love and compassion consequently outward onto everyone else.

I am not afraid anymore. I finally feel okay, as if I can handle anything that comes my way.  I've worked with therapists and psychiatrists before but they never told me that I AM OKAY, that I AM WORTHY OF MY OWN LOVE AND AFFECTION, that it is okay to cry and to feel what it is I am feeling at any given moment, and that is what has really changed my life. I am taking such better care of myself and it's crazy the love and support that has flooded in from other people I never even knew were there. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. It keeps getting better and better." -Amy C.

Sarah has been a miracle in my life. If you're feeling lost, like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see her at the end of your path too.

"When I was at the end of my road and I had nowhere left to go, Sarah was waiting for me with compassion, hope and healing. She has become one of the most instrumental people in my life, offering a chance to become the woman I always believed I could be. The very first time I spoke with Sarah I felt completely safe and formed a spiritual connection unlike any I had ever experienced before. 

Sarah has a unique and special gift; offering guidance with generosity, kindness and refreshing honesty.

She has been a miracle in my life. If you're feeling lost and like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see Sarah at the end of your path too. If you do, get ready to start a journey beyond your wildest imagination. She will show you how to unlock the potential that is already buried inside and teach you how to nurture your spirit until you feel incredible joy and freedom.

Bring your biggest dreams to Sarah and she will show you that there truly are no limits to the sky." -Cory.S.


"I never fail to be inspired and renewed by Sarah's authenticity.
It's rare and oozes like yummy honey from everything she says. A gift."   -Sara D.


"Sarah has a real gift for keeping the humanity alive in her online courses.  I’ve been through many online mentoring programs and they offer great content but there’s something missing: a little bit like eating a steak that’s been freeze-dried.  This is not the case with Sarah and the BYBAW experience.

What Sarah offers, and what people need, is a deeply personal way of providing an online course."

— Robin Fletcher


"You don't know me... I don't even know how I found you. I often click on your emails and read them - to the end. Our journeys are very different yet the parallels and insights fill me full of gratitude that you have, in some respects, chosen to live your life out loud.  Somehow when I read your writing I feel less alone. Thank you."  
- Michelle, Seattle, WA ( newsletter reader)


"Sarah is the best solution seeker on the planet.
Her relentless drive to improve, solve, develop and transform the Self is beyond anyone I've ever met!" Julie H.


"Sarah has left me feeling blessed to have worked with her, and richer in life for the awareness's she gave me. She is so tuned in and connected!  Before working with Sarah I was really living my days full of stress and anxiety, feeling completely overwhelmed. With Sarah's guidance I've have become more grounded, aware and connected, with myself, my kids, my Higher Power, and the world around me. She helped me, easily, sort through feelings, validate them, and then helped me safely process them. " -Jenny D.


"I bow deeply to her creative genius and will look no further than her virtual doorstep when it is time for me + my business to be nourished toward its next stage of growth. Sarah's crystal-clear strategy sessions, skills and customer service were exactly what I needed  - and what I continue to turn to." -Karen Gordon


"Sarah is a rare gem and deeply intuitive. She created a website I LOVE on so many levels. I felt cared for, held, seen, safe and heard during the entire creation process. I trusted in her shamanic sight and ability to help me translate and transmit my essence online.

I plan on keeping Sarah in my back pocket for many more projects to come. " -Teri Connolly


Sarah is absolutely the most intuitive and willing collaborator I've worked with. She goes the extra mile, especially when it really matters. I couldn't have done #StopTheBeautyMadness without her!

 -Robin Rice 


"Sarah is whip smart with a rare intuitive sense."- Laura


"This reading exceeded my expectations and I'm in tears. You've read my soul. I'm sure I'll be reading this many times again as I take your advice to heart and start to move my thoughts, emotions, and life in a new direction. Thank you again." -Christina M.


"The quality of work Sarah provides is exceptional." -Beatrice P.


"The work I did with Sarah to develop my website went so far beyond getting the physical site up and running.  It was a journey we took together to discover how to focus and align my intention with the energy I was sending out, and the resulting website and the response I have gotten to it has been all I could have hoped for and more."

-Jeremy Seligman


"When I need clear, unfettered seeing on a thorny issue, Sarah is my gal. She doesn’t bring her own agenda to the table and each and every time she nails it.  She consistently, delivers powerful insights that allows me to take clear, direct action. Full body chills and nature spirits confirm her intuition around my challenge.

Sarah is always right on target." -Laura Gates


"Sarah brings a presence to our work that is genuine. 

Her intuitive abilities helped me navigate difficult transitions and changes in my life in a supportive and powerful way. I trust her to bring honesty and integrity every time." -Shantele


“ I have worked with professionals for over 25 years. Sarah’s performance, efficiency, creativity, and support is one of the best I have ever experienced. I highly recommend using Sarah as a coach and consultant!” -Beth Anderson


"In pondering a business decision, wondering if an opportunity was right for me, I asked Sarah for some intuitive guidance. Using her tarot process, she was able to tap into the higher guidance I needed. After the reading, I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me and knew instantly, the message I needed was delivered. " -Mystik Maven


"Sarah’s ability to capture my essence so beautifully validated my trust in our collaboration. The whole experience taught me when we are branded true expansion is possible. For the first time I felt energetically understood throughout a creative process. Sarah is a true Renaissance Woman bridging many worlds into one.

At first her shamanic process was an intriguing concept.  Experiencing her weave intentionality into form confirmed this truth: she integrates the living breathing subtleties of the natural world with the online world. I’m so grateful for her assistance midwifing my new online home." - Barbara C.


"Sarah combines her many certificates with vast life experience, true insight, compassion, and whimsy to craft real solutions that work for your problems.  Whether you need gentle guidance or heavy duty super-charged answers, simple answers or deep coaching, put yourself in Sarah’s healing hands.

Let her talents & outside the box way of thinking assist you in dealing with what ever curve life has thrown you. Highly recommend." Connie Dohan of Amid Angels


“I loved the reading I got from Sarah, it’s like it opened the pathway for me to see with more clarity. After the reading  I felt lighter and free! It was completely cleansing and exactly what I needed. I totally recommend this as part of a good self care regimen. I especially love how Sarah is so down to earth, easy to talk to, and insightful. A big thank you to her, what a gift she has.” -Jena Baird of Serenity Yoga Center 


"I met with Sarah one afternoon without a clear goal in mind, but over the course of our discussion I came to a new awareness of family issues I had been struggling with. My intuitive reading really helped shift my perspective. Afterwards I had the clarity and guidance I needed to return home and begin a path of healing for myself and my family. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted!"    - Tim P.


BYBAW shifted me into a state of becoming and creation. I now have structure, organization, flow and clarity for all the goodness that has been inside of me for so long. -Laura P.


"Sarah expertly guided me through the BYBAW branding process. I could really feel her there with as I wrestled to pull the pieces together in a cohesive, clear manner." — Patti Ellsworth


"Sarah is a LIGHT." -Bridgette P.