Although communication with disincarnate beings is not widely practiced in the industrial nations, such communication has played a central role in virtually all recorded human development. Since the earliest times people have sought input and guidance from those ‘on the other side’.

One should never allow outside input, physical or metaphysical, to replace one’s own better judgment, or assume that such input has more validity that first-hand experience. GENUINE spirit information helps to broaden and deepen’s one experience of this miraculous and largely unexplored universe. It never asks that one’s own experience be put aside in favor of another’s beliefs or ideology.
— Ken Carey (Return of the Bird Tribes)
sarah nicotra

Hey! I'm Sarah a professional intuitive in the business of delivering genuine messages from spirit.

I'm not into fluff, spiritual platitudes or telling people what they want to hear. I'm into cutting through the confusion, the bullsh*t and getting right to the heart of the matter.

Tarot and oracle readings are one way to do so.

Tarot is a powerful tool for healing and growth. It serves as a mirror of truth and validation, and can provide invaluable messages and insights regarding important decisions you face.  

Oracles are guides and messengers available to assist you on the path going forward. 

As a professional intuitive and experienced spiritual guide I help clients confidently navigate their lives.

Far from a fortune teller, I equally enlist intuition and intellect while respecting and encouraging your ability to shape your life from the inside-out. Those who arrive at my virtual doorstep come from all walks of life. 

If you seek clarity, you're in the right place— as I have deeply supported countless spiritual seekers on the hunt for insight and information, caution and counsel, inspiration and encouragement.

Working with Sarah was a beautiful experience. I felt safe, held and seen with her.
— Meg P.
Sarah is a God send. She swept in with grace and powerful insight, instantly opening new doors for me.
— Lora V.
This reading exceeded my expectations and I’m in tears. You’ve read my soul. I’m sure I’ll be reading this many times again as I take your advice to heart and start to move my thoughts, emotions, and life in a new direction.  Thank you again.
— Christina  M.
In pondering a business decision, wondering if an opportunity was right for me, I asked Sarah for some intuitive guidance. Using her tarot process, she was able to tap into the higher guidance I needed. After the reading, I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me and knew instantly, the message I needed was delivered.
— MM
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