Micro Business oracle

Intuitive Consulting & Indispensable Support Across The Continuum of Creation

micro business oracle


Powerful people need powerful partners. You've got ideas and dreams and desires.

I know how to bring them to life.

While micro businesses are intentionally small by design they pack a powerful punch when it comes to impact. Your creativity and brilliance combined with a dedication to human-centric/relationship-based services and products, is an integral part of the shift in the collective consciousness.

From Idea Phase to DONE!

Technology and Systems— not a problem.

I can help you decide what tools and providers to use based on your unique business needs and resources available. Depending on your budget, I can also do the initial design/implementation for you. My route to completion is direct and simple and never sacrifices aesthetic or quality.

Psychic transmissions— part of the deal.

At the core I'm a healer therefore the foundation of my support is rooted in accurate, clear vision which helps you make smart, strategic decisions while staying true to your purpose and inspiration. Nothing is off limits— cellular reorganization, karmic re-patterning, restoring soul loss, spirit communication and the like have a impact on you and your creative process therefore my finger is always on the pulse of these dimensions, ready to address concerns and provide effective interventions. 

Why partner with me? 

  • Past clients include published authors, executive level leaders, independent business owners, and fellow healers
  • Central to my approach is relationship building and communications that reflect truth and values without hype
  • Since 2011 I've leverage the power of the web to provide intuitive healing, business consulting, web design and strategic contributions to successful business launches, viral social media campaigns and branding re-designs
  • I'm a tech savvy, get-it-done kind of gal
  • Bottom line: one of my superpowers is making your dreams and ideas tangible and real

You can expect:

  • Accountability
  • Valuable Intuitive Insights
  • Focused Initiatives
  • Inspired Action Plan
  • To Get Sh*t Done

I want you to feel the satisfaction of bringing your vision to life. I want you to make the world a better place.

The biggest obstacle is not HOW to do it, it's just doing it.
I can help you create and complete.

Let's do this!

Partnerships are quoted on a case by case basis, crafted to suited your particular needs and goals within a super specific time frame and may include a blend of 1 on 1 consulting time, in-between access, tech/systems support and intuitive healing work. 

Minimum Investment of $1200. Please message me hello@sarahhnicotra.com if interested.