Integrative Spiritual Care is my life’s work— a multifaceted approach in caring for your soul and subtle body that enlists the following:

Völva Services
Intensive spirit work (psychopomping, compassionate depossession, psychic perception, subtle body work, and shamanic/intuitive healing) have their place in your healing journey but it’s only part of the equation.

Grief Companioning
The root of all healing lies in sacred witnessing— a distinctly different, therapeutic approach to grief work. In addition to the companioning model, I also teach earth-centric rituals and practices for processing grief and spiritual development.

Spiritual Counseling + Coaching
I believe you are inherently resourceful, born with a powerful intuition. My goal is to always help you tap into that. How this is accomplished is usually both practical and mystical in nature. Here’s the deal. With full confidence I can engage the subtle body to re-balance energies, remove energetic interference, and create new energy templates, as well as communicate/work with helping spirits to unearth insights, create powerful shifts, and ultimately healing but it is not a replacement for the ongoing work of integration. Which is why I also provide coaching and integration support. Integration is key.



Hey! I’m Sarah Nicotra and I’m a modern-day völva. As a former Hospice Chaplain, seasoned spiritual healer, intuitive, and professional coach (ICF certification pending) my expertise lies in helping folks heal in a nutrient-deficient culture. I also write and teach extensively about integrative spirituality and how to nurture sensitivity and intuition.

My professional practice draws upon over 1000+ hours of clinical spiritual care experience addressing spiritual distress and grief, a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and a lifetime of dedicated study. I've been called "a wizard", "a true renaissance woman who bridges many worlds into one" and "the best solution seeker on the planet".

It’s not cheap to hire me for private work and I don’t do junk food spirituality. On occasion, I offer appointments on a sliding scale but you’ll want to be on my mailing list to get notification of these are they become available. I also provide a ton of free content here on this site for your learning pleasure. I, no longer offer a “buy now” button. Please complete the following application to explore working with me.


How can I book on a sliding scale? . . .

Sliding scale appointments are now only offered to those on my mailing list, on a limited basis. To get notification of the next availability please join my mailing list@ http://eepurl.com/dvR9rH .

Are you a licensed therapist? . . .

I am not a licensed therapist and do not practice clinical counseling. You can view my credentials here.