Awakening is a journey, a process.

When you begin to wake-up to the truth of who you really are while navigating obstacles like compromised health, deeply ingrained self-defeating patterns and soul-restlessness, let's just say sh*t gets real.

As a professional intuitive and healer of healers, I'm in the business of helping folks connect to, and understand their true nature (call it a remembering), while also helping them find effective tools, practices, and solutions to their most pressing issues. 

I don't believe in an easy button, or a one-size fits all approach. Modern day life is far too complicated and fast moving to buy into health-fads, smoke n' mirrors, or short-lived gimmicks.

artwork done by Sarah H Nicotra

artwork done by Sarah H Nicotra

One component, however, that always accompanies sustainable growth, and healing is a luminous body activation.

Invoke the Invisible ® Live your power

Say YES to a sacred, energetic attunement. Step forward, claim your initiation and deepen your:

  • connection to
  • understanding of
  • and relationship with

the unseen, sacred aspects of life, the Universe, and yourself.

As a multidimensional being living in a time of epic, evolutionary shifts you have the opportunity to invite expansion and integration into your spiritual journey and anchor it in your physical body. This is key!

Similar to an internal operating system upgrade, this sacred service permanently reconfigures your subtle body using the power of intention, psychic communication, and ancient symbols.

It signals to the Universe that you, a seeker, are ready to discover the next critical layer of information and understanding, while also assisting in the integration process.

This healing intensive fundamentally supports you in a multitude of ways. In the hours, days, weeks, and years to follow you can expect this one simple declaration to...

  • jumpstart your intuitive engine
  • enhance your intuition in the longterm
  • shift your life to being more soul-centric
  • support your spiritual quest and journey to awakening
  • improve your understanding of energy and the impact it has on you
  • bridge the connection to the sacred, mystical realm
  • stimulate the flow of more healing energy through your head, hands, and heart

The beauty of this service is that it is highly individualistic. Instead of requiring you study and follow and particular path (like reiki) this is an intelligent, robust activation that adapts to your unique soul-prints' needs and desires. 

Your luminous body activation includes:

  • gift package: handpicked sacred items for use in your session and thereafter
  • thorough prep instructions to maximize your healing session and integration experience
  • one healing intensive (typically lasts 60-75 minutes) and is held in the Lansing, MI area or by phone or video conference
  • personalized teachings + additional learning materials to support your unfolding
  • one follow up integration session (typically 30 minutes) to address questions and next steps

Important To Note:

  • This service is valuable to newbies, those who are just beginning their spiritual search, and also for those who are more seasoned and experienced in the intuitive healing arts
  • I do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or medical condition
  • Sessions are scheduled a minimum of 2-3 weeks from date of purchase to allow for package to arrive at your doorstep
  • Please only purchase if you are 100% ready for this level of transformation
  • Also, you as a client will be required to read and sign this required release prior to any session
Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C, Certified Medical Reiki Master ™  Munay Ki Lineage: Alberto Villoldo > Ramona Compton > Constance Dohan > Sarah Nicotra

Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C,
Certified Medical Reiki Master ™ 
Munay Ki Lineage: Alberto Villoldo > Ramona Compton > Constance Dohan > Sarah Nicotra

Hiya, I'm Sarah H Nicotra. I'm a two-time master-degreed professional (Spiritual Psychology and Organization Management), certified grief counselor, trained intuitive, and certified medical reiki master with substantial recovery experience (15+ years sober).

My professional practice focuses on helping sensitive folks heal spiritual wounding, be in their bodies, grow and strengthen their intuition, and become powerful co-creators of their one, wild precious life.

I uniquely draw upon intuition, the healing arts, and a background in clinical spiritual care to provide accurate insight, spiritual guidance, powerful interventions and personalized instruction to address your questions and concerns.

The role I play for others is much like a pastor but obviously, I don't fit the mold. I've been called "a wizard," "a true renaissance woman who bridges many worlds into one" and "the best solution seeker on the planet." 

Please view my hefty portfolio of testimonials and trainings and article on the fundamentals of the luminous body.