It is human nature to seek purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life.  When we are fueled by intention, we find these things more often, or perhaps, they find us. Did you know that you have the incredible ability to shape how you experience life?

Too often, this creative power goes untapped. Instead of allowing your hopes, dreams, visions, feelings, perceptions and purpose to flounder, you can harness this power by creating intention. By regularly establishing intention you reclaim your ability to co-create life as it unfolds. Establishing intention is a form of prayer, so declare your intention from your heart, not your head. Be mindful of what you seek; sometimes you get exactly what you ask for.

A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action.

A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.

 - Neale Donald Walsch

To establish intention, simply:

  • Center yourself with a few deep, meditative breathes.
  • Identify a general theme, feeling, or shift that you wish to intend for the day or coming days. Your possibilities are endless here, giving you great freedom to create your focus and enlist help from the Universe.
  • Enter your heart space and declare your intention with meaning and true desire. See the following two examples.

Things to note:

  • Declaring a verbal or written intention is a sacred act; treat it as such.
  • Present-tense intentions are preferred but not required to be effective. Some of the most potent intentions are born from a true call for help. 
  • The Universe responds to the essence and heart of your intention. Focus on the heart of your intention, not the wording of it. Some new age teachings have paralyzed folks into not verbalizing fears, challenges, or difficulties. If your intention revolves around such strife, declare it with the purpose to move through it.
  • Intention is a powerful mechanism for shaping your experience of the world. It is therefore an ineffective practice when used for the purpose of changing someone else. If your intention involves others, weave your preferred perception, attitude, and reaction into your intention instead of aiming to alter someone else.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Set one intention and use it many days in a row; what do you notice?
  • Through your intention you can seek to change something that is wreaking havoc in your life, or you can seek to strengthen a quality you possess.
  • Write down your intention and post it about for frequent viewing; this is a surefire way to amp your focus. Consider jotting down your powerful intention on note cards and pollinating your home with them until the intention has manifested in your life.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Setting an intention is about creating purpose and inviting goodness into your life. This is not a time to criticize and judge yourself. Be compassionate, loving, and kind to yourself. 

Declaring intention regularly is a powerhouse way to create purpose and focus for your whole self. Plus, it enlists spiritual and energetic support from the Universe for your greater work here on Earth.

Establishing Intention is one of the 7 daily practices outlined in the Start Your Day Off Right e-Guide.