Invoke the Invisible® Luminous Body Activation

How to Request Your Attunement:

Your attunement acts as the energetic initiation of the symbol and power contained therein.
It is therefore a critical component of the journey.

Here are a few important things to note:

  • Attunements are offered only one day a week (Sundays @ 8pm EST)
  • Attunements are conducted via long distance however if you live in the Lansing, MI area we can arrange to meet in person.
  • You must send an email to hello @ with subject "ATTUNEMENT REQUEST" to be added to the list. Please include your full name, photo and intention. The more personal juice you give me the better!
  • You are highly encouraged to RELAX for a half an hour at the scheduled attunement time. 
  • I will send you an email afterward to confirm that I did in fact perform the attunement.
  • Your personal experience will vary from dramatic to subtle to barely noticeable. This will depend on your current energetic sensitivity and awareness.
  • Following the attunement you can expect in the following hours, days and weeks that your energy will continue to evolve, adapt and change.