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90 day nourish

90 day nourish

leverage truth— bring yourself back to life.

The 90 Day Nourish is a 1 on 1 support intensive suitable for those who ready to deep dive into their pscyhe and rehab their mind, heart, and soul.

You may self identify as spiritual and emotionally bankrupt or simply be on the hunt your next incredibly private and personal piece of personal growth.

One thing is certain, you're ready to...

  • recalibrate your energy
  • reconfigure your thinking
  • reconnect with SPIRIT and your soul
  • reclaim your truth and live it
  • SHIFT internal dynamics
    (i.e. reclaim your inner peace and personal power)
  • show up to life differently
    (i.e. align your actions and choices to mirror your truth and values)

This 12 week partnership is front loaded— the first 30 days is high intensity while the remaining 60 days is more paced.

are you ready?

Is truth seeking you?
Often we think we are seeking truth but truth is very much seeking you, too. Within the bounds of sponsorship I can personally facilitate the discovery of your truth. The result? Internal liberation in the form of embodying your truth— courageously and gracefully. I believe in unconditional compassion and regard for the Self and will teach you how to extend this to yourself. From this place just-about-anything-is -possible.

Are you primed for a major life transition?
Best practices for navigating important life transitions (like divorce, sobriety and recovery, death and grief) wisely, include securing a reliable sounding board who can provide you with applicable insight and actionable steps within an incredibly compassionate, therapeutic container. This is my specialty.

Do you crave true transformation? 
I'm talking about sustainable, substantial personal growth that engages every fiber of your being. Using my F*CK HAPPY GET CONGRUENT paradigm for personal growth there isn't anywhere we can't go. You lead the work.

If you see yourself in the descriptions above, we may be a perfect fit for one another.

sarah h nicotra

With me as your benefactor, I serve as a beacon of light, guidance, support, and just-the-right-amount-of push for those standing at the threshold of truth, transition, and transformation. 

I'm a two times master degree professional, certified grief counselor, and certified medical reiki master with substantial recovery experience (15 years).

Life is complex. Each one of us must make [her] own path through life. There are no self-help manuals, no formulas, no easy answers. The right road for one is the wrong road for another... The journey of life is not paved in blacktop; it is not brightly lit, and it has no road signs. It is a rocky path through the wilderness.
— M. Scott Peck

7 REASONS TO SAY "YES!" to working with me

  1. Your incongruencies don't scare me.
    Quite the opposite is true. Much like a paramedic, I run towards crises as a helper and interventionist. Our short-term therapeutic relationship orients you to a whole new way of being and puts you on track for real-world sustainable change. Think healing and growth from the inside out. 

    Congruent Living exists on a spectrum, therefore there are always opportunity for refinement. Our work can center around the micro-processing of truth, needs, values and such, or the tackling and dissection of large-looming challenges. (Hint: I've got a roadmap, compass, and handy snacks for the journey.) I lead others towards dramatic life shifts through the interior landscape of the Self. 
  2. As a multidisciplinary consultant I draw upon a strong professional background in psychology, clinical spiritual care, and the mystic arts to work directly with your psyche and your life. Sponsorship is my way of offering you everything-under-the-sun in 1 easy place. Nothing is off limits, unless you declare it so.
  3. You retain your personal power and autonomy while accessing healing and progress.
    From a neutral and compassionate place, I serve as a skilled spiritual advisor, practical life strategist, and deeply nurturing helping professional. I'll dive into your confusion, ambiguity, overwhelm, and pain— identify truth, values, needs, and your best steps forward. Somewhere in between A-Z you'll discover how to soothe your soul, who you really are and what's available to you. Sounds refreshing doesn't it?
  4. I retain a very small number of intensive level sponsorship clients. This means you get my full attention, including unfettered access to my arsenal of tools and weapons of light. Seriously you get equal parts warrior / nurturing mama bear.
  5. Longevity, skill, and experience matter. For over a decade I've helped women intimately navigate divorce, death, grief, getting sober as well as the long term recovery process, and much more, with excellent long term results. Not only do I have a wide range of professional credentials, and work experience, but I've personally been clean and sober for more than 15 years. 
  6. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Time and time again I hear how refreshing this is. I live and breathe this work every day. (Can we say congruent!). This directly impacts you in the following ways: you get deeply nourishing care without sacrificing honesty and truth. 
  7. I equally value sensitivity and strength. I'll teach you how to care for and grow both sides of you. There's no need to choose between the two! You can be both, and so much more.

real life TestimonialS

Sarah has been a miracle in my life.
If you're feeling lost, like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see her at the end of your path too.


"When I was at the end of my road and I had nowhere left to go, Sarah was waiting for me with compassion, hope and healing. She has become one of the most instrumental people in my life, offering a chance to become the woman I always believed I could be. The very first time I spoke with Sarah I felt completely safe and formed a spiritual connection unlike any I had ever experienced before. 

Sarah has a unique and special gift; offering guidance with generosity, kindness and refreshing honesty.

She has been a miracle in my life. If you're feeling lost and like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see Sarah at the end of your path too. If you do, get ready to start a journey beyond your wildest imagination. She will show you how to unlock the potential that is already buried inside and teach you how to nurture your spirit until you feel incredible joy and freedom.

Bring your biggest dreams to Sarah and she will show you that there truly are no limits to the sky." -Cory.S.

"Sarah has left me feeling blessed to have worked with her, and richer in life for the awareness's she gave me. She is so tuned in and connected!  Before working with Sarah I was really living my days full of stress and anxiety, feeling completely overwhelmed. 

With Sarah's guidance I've have become more grounded, aware and connected, with myself, my kids, my Higher Power, and the world around me. She helped me, easily, sort through feelings, validate them, and then helped me safely process them. " -Jenny D.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. 


"With the help of Sarah, I went from being a broken shell of myself to a completely different person in just two short months. Sarah guided me back to a place I'd long since forgotten, and honestly had no hopes of ever returning to. I am confident, empowered, and no longer afraid of the unavoidable circumstances that life likes to throw our way.

Without her, I would still be clouded from the warmth and love of myself and the universe.   

I honestly feel as though I have reconnected with my authentic self, someone who I desperately missed. I have more love and compassion for myself than I can ever remember having, and that love and compassion consequently outward onto everyone else. I am not afraid anymore. I finally feel okay, as if I can handle anything that comes my way.  

I've worked with therapists and psychiatrists before but they never told me that I AM OKAY, that I AM WORTHY OF MY OWN LOVE AND AFFECTION, that it is okay to cry and to feel what it is I am feeling at any given moment, and that is what has really changed my life.

I am taking such better care of myself and it's crazy the love and support that has flooded in from other people I never even knew were there. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. It keeps getting better and better." -Amy C.


  • Intimately dedicated, paced support and focus for your true transformation
  • Initial 90 minute jumpstart session to create instant clarity, focus, and shift your trajectory
  • 6 follow up focused support sessions (via phone or video conference- your choice!)
  • unfettered access to me via text and email throughout the 90 days (yes, really!)
  • weekly spiritual insights, spiritual and energetic interventions, and focused action plan including (low-to-no-cost) therapeutic recommendations

Pricing $1444 valid through June 15 2017.

Currently I am working off a waitlist. Please email me to add your name to my list.
Please hop my mailing list to get notification of the next time I have an opening.

more testimonials

"Sarah brings a presence to our work that is genuine. Her intuitive and shamanic abilities helped me navigate difficult transitions and changes in my life in a supportive and powerful way.
I trust her to bring honesty and integrity every time." -Shantele

"When I need clear, unfettered seeing on a thorny issue, Sarah is my gal. She doesn’t bring her own agenda to the table and each and every time she nails it. She consistently, delivers powerful insights that allows me to take clear, direct action. Full body chills and nature spirits confirm her intuition around my challenge. Sarah is always right on target." -Laura Gates

"Sarah offered a dynamic experience that took me on an incredibly proactive, amazing journey.The quality of work Sarah provides, and those she works with, is exceptional." -Beatrice P.