Your Fresh Start

Regardless of where you find yourself right now, be it in the thick mud of life, getting down and dirty in the business of healing, or be it in the lightness of life, feeling airy and free, right now is the time to focus on your fresh start.

Give yourself permission to not focus on the pieces of the puzzle but rather the puzzle itself. Have you given thought to the macro level creation of your life? Forget the details. Forget the "rules". Forget the menu provided to you, from which you MUST make your selection, or so they say. Forget the how.

Instead, right now choose to believe you've been liberated from anything that stands in your way of creating, living and enjoying life. And of course don't exclude how you see yourself contributing and giving back to the world (it's SUPER important).

Now, from THAT place, ask yourself....

  • Where are you headed?
  • What do you wish to cultivate?
  • What is it that your heart + soul really seeks?
  • What is non-negotiable in the life you live?
  • Where is the wiggle room (as in what aren't you solid on beckoning to you)

Trust that with a powerful, focused vision AND your foot work (i.e. showing up to do the work which can be boring and daunting at times) that the wheels of the Universe have been set in motion. We must take an active role in our lives and in our perception of how we are experiencing life because after all we only truly have dominion over very little, so why not claim it over ourselves?

Which brings me to some Ani Difrance song lyrics I heard recently....

"God's work isn't done by God, it's done by people."

That's a powerful statement. Sit with that.

And then check in- how does that truth overlap with your life now and that which you are consciously creating?

This month I invite you to...

  • Consciously and intentionally ask yourself the questions I have outlined above
  • Sit with the idea that life and your life's work (in whatever form is takes) is fully supported by the Universe
  • Then map your fresh start- write it down/ collage it/ paint it/ or something! Find a way to conceptualize your macro level vision and then post it for inspiration.


Welcome to your fresh start....

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