Your Brand Framework

In order to have a powerful brand experience that nets you raving clients and a stellar reputation, you must establish a clear framework. 

This framework serves as the foundation and filter from which all communications, offerings, and client experiences run through. By taking the time to crystalize your brand perspective, you create continuity and a true brand experience. 

This framework will map the different components that all meld together to create your comprehensive brand perspective.  Ironically, creative freedom can be found within the focus of grounded structure. Partner with this tool, create focus, then fly with your vision. Should your framework ever feel limiting, simply adjust your parameters. 

This tool will help identify the sweet spot (i.e your unique mixture) of the following elements…

  • Your authentic voice, values, and natural approach.
  • Your professional credentials and expertise.
  • Your WHY (i.e. your heart-fueled mission)
  • Who you are perfectly matched to serve and how to speak a professional language of empathy, online. 

The Basic Framework is this:

before you build a website basic brand framework

Each component is worthy of exploration, time and consideration.

Each “leg” contributes an important piece of the puzzle. By examining each aspect:  your authentic way, your why, along with who you serve, and how you do so, you’ll create a uniquely complex, inimitable container for your brand. 

This framework provides you with a filter to sift all design, copy, and strategic decisions through. Furthermore, it sets the tone for your sacred conversation(s). In the lessons and exercises that follow, you’ll dig into each structure to find the gold. 

The extended Framework is this:  

before you build a website extended brand framework

This post is part of the Laying The Foundation For Your Online Presence series. 
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