What it means to walk in two worlds.

Walking in two worlds is a common theme throughout various spiritual pathways. You have probably heard of it through Joesph Campbell and his work with the Hero's Journey, While I LOVE the hero's journey I much prefer Maureen Murdock's Heroine Journey as it applies to reclaiming the feminine and OUR quest for wholeness.

The two worlds co-exist. More and more folks are waking up to this reality. I live and work in two worlds. Dipping in and out at will, all the while they are inextricable linked and ever crossing over.

One world is:

  • tangible + physical

  • Earthy

  • "real"

  • Here. Now.

The other world is:

  • immaterial

  • Spiritual

  • magical/ mystical / dream-time

  • Here. Now.

Some folks are cynical and rightly so. I get it. I am not interested in convincing others that two worlds exists.  Why not? For starters it's an argument I won't win. It generally takes some kind of earth shattering- mystical experience to crack the mind open to this possibility. Personal experience trumps all.

Anyways, I always boil it down to this:

My life is richer, fuller, and more meaningful for believing in and immersing myself in two worlds. Not better than. Not more right but fulfilling- and that is all I ever wanted. Meaning. Substance. Something REAL. I've lived the antithesis of this and it was miserable. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.

I value my experience of life.

Walking in two worlds changed everything. It certainly isn't the easier softer path. And YES I do see how ironic it is that I found that REALNESS I craved in the unlikeliest of places.

Walking in two worlds means acknowledging the existence of both realities. Once you've awakened to it you can't go back. Oh you can lollygag but eventually it will call you forth. No worries, there is a whole slew us who live, breathe, dance, and sleep in two worlds.

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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