What about SEO, Sarah?

I heard your sigh at the sound of "SEO".

I also saw your eyelids close because your brain began to buzz with confusion and overwhelm.

Look I understand you! And the good news is I know of TWO incredible SEO folks that do as well. They know that you care more about people than ranking on some keywords carelessly chosen on a whim just to appear on a Google search.

Nope they know that you have heart and so does your business. They know that you are a fine tuned instrument looking to reach a very specific audience. They know you are willing to dig deep and give it time with a well thought out, strategic yet intuitive approach. 

Okay, I'll quit building them up and just send you to em!

1. Tami Smith of The Dawning Point

She's written a lovely open note to soloprenuers about developing a SEO strategy from a human-centered approach. YES PLEASE! Read it here. 

2. Liz Lockard

Liz consistently delivers quality, actionable tips + insightful perspectives on all things SEO. Check here out here.

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