top 3 books of 2013 to build your business

I maintain the the MOST difficult thing to overcome when building a business is yourself.

The layers and layers of resistance, confusion and learning that begin once you step foot on the solopreneur journey are complex.

The Icarus Deception offers incredible insight into the lizard brain and its relationship to being creative powerhouses and entrepreneurs (or artists as he calls us).

The bottom line? The world needs YOU to create something real, something to CONNECT us to each other. It won't be easy. You will have to show up and try, try again but in the end it's worth it. Especially if you learn to work with the grit of the journey.

Stories move people. The ultimate goal of any business is to tell a good story, to connect and make folks care about your vision in the world. 

Good business isn't about employing confusing tactics and forcing folks to give you money for a worthless service. Good business is about caring for clients, connecting with them and creating a self-sustaining model where folks are eager to give you money because of the value your provide for them.

Bernadette Jiwa has written a book to create a rich dialogue to help you nail down your brand story. This is part of the underground, plumbing of your business. This is the starting place from which you build upon.

You may not know it but as a solopreneur you are a storyteller. Let's start telling really good stories.


Be Awesome at Online Business
By Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is awesome.

He's written a supercharged (dare I say, rather all inclusive) read on having a killer website and online presence.

Whether you are looking to create or refine your business, his insights are wise and easy to understand. Seriously, I read this entire book while having a pedi. Every word serves a purpose.

Paul's creation process and viewpoints heavily mirror my own. This book gets a big thumbs up for how to survive and thrive in the online world.



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