The Purpose of Your Website

The purpose of your website will be many fold, but it is critical that we start out by understanding the function behind having a website. Your website serves as…

#1 Your Store Front

Your website is literally your domain, your calling card and therefore YOU are the ruler behind its construction. 

This means you determine…

  • the look
  • the feel 
  • the tone
  • what you are selling
  • how you are selling it
  • who you are selling to
  • the structure of client engagements
  • and the organization of content

Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just stumbled across a brick n mortar version of your website. What’s the vibe? The colors? The scents? Is it busy and packed, serving lots of people? Or is there a selective, more personalized feel? 
Write it out.


#2 A Tool For Building Relationships

Did you know that, on average, a site visitor engages with your website 5 -7 times before they buy from you? (source link)

This means that rarely does someone land on a website and purchase right away (unless you’re selling a recognizable product that they are specifically seeking to buy). 

Instead when they land on your site, they will either immediately decide they are uninterested in what you offer, or they will give you permission to create a relationship with them (by opt-ing in and giving you their email). 

When you receive an opt-in they are explicitly giving you the opportunity to sell them what you offer. But keep in mind selling, selling, selling doesn’t get you anywhere- especially if they didn’t buy from you on the spot.

This is why your website is a tool for building a relationship with readers, potential clients, current customers, and colleagues.  

It’s your platform for sharing your message, your content, your ideas, your magic, and your medicine. The best way to approach using any tool is to understand how it works, why you need it, and then choosing to use it wisely. 

Start brainstorming on what kinds of information and inspiration is pertinent and valuable to your people. Make a list, write it out. 

Your list becomes a gem mine of opportunities for writing, blogging, teaching, and creating offerings + services. 


#3 A Vehicle For Selling

Obviously you want to make money and there is nothing wrong with that. But making money isn’t really the challenge. The challenge is making money in a way that feels really good, beneficial and mutually serving- right?

I have a theory about making money and it goes like this.

Money flows in with ease when we experience a deep alignment with our work in the world because it is based on our truth and the meeting the needs of others. 

Money flows in with ease when we are providing a valuable service / product to others.

Money flows in with ease when we create from a place of passion and actually do the work.

Money flows in with ease when we have a door for it to come in.

When money doesn’t flow in with ease it means we need to investigate what’s off; to ask ourselves what must shift?

You could totally set up an online shop that sells cheap plastic toys or lollipops and it would sell as long as there are folks looking to buy that. But I already know you aren’t interested in that. 

Which is why you can bypass that and commit to being a forerunner of the new economy. (source link)

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