the mystics rhythm, body temple and wavering wellness

I’ll tell you what: I believe mysticism is a very serious endeavor. One must be equipped for it.
— Elie Wiesel

A topic I recoil from? wellness: body wellness.


Pure and simple. shame.

So often when the conversation of wellness comes up (especially in the digital self help world) it boils down to self care. there is an implied truth in there, that if you are not well it is because, well you aren't taking good enough care of yourself. 

I call bullshit.

For me, for my fellow mystics, for every other woman who folds her self into regular luxurious self care and yet we STILL grapple with wellness.

Sometimes radiant wellness and vibrancy emerges from me like dragons breathe and other times, often in long winded sections I am the snail, sliming along having to watch every moment in action, in FULL awareness with the willingness to stop drop n roll into full blow recovery mode.

My body temple is my antenna and ultimate guidance system.

After all it is she who led me to...

  • the doorstep of the shaman in the first place, after failing to find ANY relief in virtually ALL other alternatives
  • feeling the pulse of the Earth and the love of the grass on the bottoms of my feet
  • magic, real magic

I respect and honor my body temple because she brings me to my knees in ways NOTHING else can.

Illness is an initiation, a life force to engage NOT avoid.

And so I spiral back to where I started....

Wellness, illness, pain, joy, suffering AND everything in between serve us.
Sometimes it sucks, for sure.

But the pay off is grand understanding, alchemy within the apparently useless muck, and MAGIC, yes there is always magic. 

And so when my body is weak and weary and it is clear I must pull back the reigns
I will...

  • dedicate my attention and awareness to the care of my vessel
  • listen and honor my body temple by responding to her needs
  • bypass shame for the ways I care for myself (be it small or extravagant)
  • rest, rest and rest some more
  • be gentle and loving and NOT pressure myself to be "well"
  • respect my limitations
  • lean in to the mystery of my ailments
  • consider the possibility that something is being transmuted 
  • seek help and support from medical providers, alternative therapies and healers as needed (again without beating myself up)
  • remain open to outcomes and possibilities
  • find appreciation for the journey and be grateful for any + all forms support
  • revel in relief

As I explore new territories and venture further than I've ever been I do so in partnership with my body.

She guides me to my truth.

I am at home when we are in-sync, be it vibrant health or wavering wellness. 

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