The 4 Laws of Brand Building (for independent creatives)

Independent creative types are soloprenuers, artists and micro business owners who run a business off their passion and creativity. Because of your very nature 

Know Your Value

The fundamental nature of businesses is a value exchange. You provide a service or offering that someone else appreciates, needs, and/or desires enough to pay you money for it. This means that, as a business owner, you are in the business of providing value to your clients and customers. 

Typical business advice would have you do a competitive market analysis and have you declare your Unique Selling Proposition, but you are up to something different. You want to create a website that allows you to provide value through not only your skills and tangible goods and services but also through a quality of being and presence infused in everything you do. 

Think nuanced and layered as opposed to flashy and declarative. In order for you to execute this infusion of you, you must know what you bring to the table. And more importantly, own it. 

This is what it means to ‘know your value’.

Value is experiential.  

For you, the creative business owner, your focus is creating a dimensional customer experience in the online world. Think 3D, not 1D. 

Doing this may appear elusive at first, but once you understand that the value you bring to business arises from a myriad of influences, including your skill set, knowledge and experience, and your unique qualities of being, your grand vision and purpose is solidified.

A fixed focus on delivering a generous heaping of skill, care, and attention to your clients and customers will serve your business well. You’ll discover that when you genuinely enhance the lives of others through your business, money flows.  

Bring your best to each and every client interaction, focus on positively impacting others, treat each and every client like they are the ONLY one you have, and you’ll naturally grow your business. 

This is how you allow value to drive your business. 

Tether & Flow

All good and meaningful work is applicable and relevant to the moment while being present to the needs of others. The energy, the natural movement and flow, therefore, is an informative, vital aspect to your way of doing business. But business can’t be ALL flow. 

It is a healthy, thoughtful, and thorough foundation that provides the flexibility to respond and create valuable solutions, products, and services for your clients. 

Strike a balance. Anchor to what matters most and be responsive to what is alive in you and in others. Trust in your truest desires and core values and let them guide you. Notice, listen, and create your business FROM them, not in spite of them. 

In a world that is constantly in motion, here are wise things to tether to…

  • Your core values, as they are your ultimate compass and guidance system.
  • Your natural inclinations and abilities. Let them inform your work. 
  • Your truth and personal experience, as they are uniquely yours and not up for debate. 
  • Your “Zone Of Genius”.
  • An ever-present attitude of discovery.


You Are Not Your Business

As a soloprenuer and micro-business owner you are naturally married to your work, but you must understand that there is critical separation between you and your business, between you and your art, between you and your creations.

Without this separation, you are bound to internalize each and every “failure” and imperfect value exchange as bad. And we both know that everything has its place- the good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between- even in business. 

You are the vehicle for conducting business. 
You are the brains behind the big ideas. 
You are the channel for information, inspiration, and guidance. 
You are the messenger.  You are the map keeper.
You are not the actual product or service being delivered. 

I’m sure it seems obvious now that I spell it out but this is a real, slippery slope I’ve not only personally experienced but witnessed, time and time again.  As a creator, you are intimately tied to your creations. This is precisely why you must unhook yourself from the results.  

You must know that each creation is entirely separate from you, with a journey of its own.  Pay attention to the process, learn along the way, and most importantly, keep at it. 


Rinse & Repeat

Business building is a process. It does NOT happen overnight. 

Nothing is written in stone, ever, so be open to refinement, both personally and professionally. 

As you move forward, you’ll learn more about yourself, about your clients, about your BEST work, and be able to create from that place of deeper understanding. 

Everything you know is subject to revision, even the truth.

Commit to being a business owner who remains in a place of attention, awareness, and responsiveness.  Like a snake who sheds her skin, regularly, allow your business to do the same. 

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