Squarespace Vs. Wordpress

Squarespace VS. Word Press

Millions, yes millions, of websites currently run on Word Press. However I battled Word Press for 2.5 years only to watch money tumble out of my pockets for various snafu's, technical glitches and system performance upgrades- only to have my ENTIRE site crumble. It literally vanished and dissolved into thin air. There was no recovering what was lost. That was the final straw and how I ended up using Squarespace 6.

I've now been with Squarespace for close to a year and built many sites on the platform. I'll try to do my best to give you an accurate experience and opinion of the their DIY website platform. ANY technology service comes with glitches, that is a given. However there are some KEY features and built-in accountability that ultimately seals the deal for why I won't be leaving Squarespace anytime soon.


Squarespace offers:

  • creative control + design freedom via highly customizable templates
  • inclusive mobile friendly website 
  • blog
  • social media integration
  • e-commerce options, including a built in shopping cart and selling tools OR seamless integration with Mailchimp, Paypal and e-junkie (my preferred web services for those not utilizing Stripe and the built-in cart)
  • customer service accountability + help desk/ live chat support + a great tutorial and knowledge help base 
  • SECURITY and built-in back ups
  • a simple, friendly-user dashboard
  • built-in analytics
  • + much more:: for a list of all their features: click here.

Squarespace isn't perfect. In fact I've noticed that they could stand to improve:

  • their commenting system. it has glitches but they have made it easy to integrate Disqus, a quality social commenting plug-in
  • customer service turn around time, accountability and overall experience. I will say that I believe this will improve AND I have received the help I needed, on most occasions, however I can't rave about it (I'm BIG on customer service, so for me this is realllllly important)

Despite these two "issues" with Squarespace they are not enough to send me back to Word Press. Overall, I've had a lovely experience with them and I truly enjoy the beauty, simplicity and function at my fingertips using their website building platform.


In the end these were deal breakers, for me, with Word Press:

  • There is no central accountability or customer service point for Word Press. Finding solutions to problems may be possible in large community forum boards but it won't be easy.
  • You can purchase PREMIUM themes and plug-ins for the form and function you desire but again they ONLY offer support for their one small part of the site, and often the response is- sorry deactivate all the plug-ins one by one and maybe you'll discover the issue.
  • There are a million moving parts that MUST all run smoothly and be updated FREQUENTLY. God forbid a Word Press update break a plug-in and consequently your website. Which happens. ALL. THE . TIME
  • Security sucks. Again- expect to pay for adequate security. WP sites are consistently targets for malicious attacks.
  • It's "FREE" but so NOT. Well not if you want a reasonable attractive, functional, fast and secure site. 

I understand that any website platform will have hiccups. For me the bumps in the road I've experienced with Squarespace are par for the course in the digital world. However my experience with Word Press? That has forever left a sour taste in my mouth. 

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